The document being presented below is an explanation of the true nature of war that is going on as we speak. The powers that be, are coming for your family and you are not safe. No one in America is, this is the true nature of the agenda of war that is being waged on our humanity. The agenda has been around since 1933, the time period when the United States Constitution was suspended. Such information can be seen below and read below as well.

This document and information has been well documented with government documents, and official documents. The emergency banking act of March 9th 1933 dissolved the entire federal government which made the United States a corporation. Such furthering of the agenda can be seen throughout agenda 21.

The loss began in 1933, and they seek your property and your life. Soon they will collect it is just a matter of time.

Below is the full document in a pdf format, such can be downloaded:

Mind Blowing Document Reveals The True Nature Of War Already Being Waged

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The Powers That Be are sinister, and their signs can be spotted all through out the world. Why America? America is the last and final place that has embraced true freedom. Once the USA is done, you can kiss the world good bye as well, because directly after the US goes down, no place left on earth has true freedom. There are close calls but nothing like the US used to be.

The end times are upon us, they have been for a long time. However, now the signs are becoming a lot more prevalent of the true nature of war we face. The weaponry humanity is up against, and the deceit mankind is up against is inline with the Bible. Such reason being why the Bible it attacked the most out of every other book in the world. They musty hide you from the truth. However, they no not that God lives in us, and He is for us!

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