“Dead Baby” Photo Shoot Goes Viral

@Photos By Bobbi

A photographer from Yukon, Oklahoma named Bobbi Rylant of Photos by Bobbi is under fire after she shoots some photos that have gone viral. Photos of a baby boy who is covered in fake blood, decked out with a slash wound on his head, blood spatter on the fencing behind him and completed with a prop brain for him to munch on. 

In the midst of the silent abortion holocaust taking place in America every single day, pro lifers and abolitionists alike are finding these images to be not only wicked but also a mockery of the babies who are slaughtered every single day. 

@Photos By Bobbi

Over the last few years, more then ever it is the mission of Abolitionists to abolish abortion by exposing what really happens to a baby during an abortion. Graphic imagery of actual surgically and medically aborted babies are being displayed publicly to bring baby murders to repentance. The truly heartbreaking images serve as a reminder and provide visual truth of the horror that is taking place in every state across the country. 

@Photos By Bobbi

 When images of a live baby are altered to make him look dead then are released to the public in the manner of expressive photography, it causes people to become desensitized to the real images of babies who are actually dying. There are 125,000 babies daily, with fatal slash wounds all over their body caused by an abortionist. 125,000 babies daily whose blood spatter is on an abortion clinic table. 125,000 babies whose brains were possibly harvested for Planned Parenthood to sell.

Online the Facebook page “Love What Matters” gained 22,000 reacts, 19,000 comments and nearly 10,000 shares on the post. They acknowledged it wasn’t going to be appreciated by everyone who saw it.


As of now none of the images have been censored or “covered” by Facebook for graphic content even though countless images of the real tragic images of dead babies is hidden by Facebook every day.


Many mixed emotions have been brought together in the comments section of this post. For page that typically posts heart warming, feel good, and make you smile content, many were shocked to see this offensive and repulsive mockery come across their time lines.