A Christian private school in Indiana is under fire for sticking to the Bible, rather than obeying the whims of culture.

Lighthouse Christian Academy in Bloomington, Indiana is at the focal point of a debate over whether schools that participate in taxpayer-funded voucher programs can choose not to accept LGBT students.

However, school officials claim that they have never turned anyone away over sexual orientation.

The issue carries added relevance as the Trump administration seeks to expand school choice. The school was mentioned by Senate Democrats at a hearing as an example of a school that turns away LGBT students.

The school brochure states that the Bible does not allow homosexual, bisexual or “any form of sexual immorality.”

Just recently in Canada, a similar incident is ongoing;

A Canadian Christian school is being forced to censor The Word of God, by the division it joined in 2009. The former private school issues a handbook to students and within that handbook are two verses that ‘the agenda of tolerance’ wholeheartedly disagrees with. The verses under fire speak the truth against modern day culture and are meant to separate Christians from the world.

Both of the scriptures under fire speak the truth about the homosexual movement and the transgender movement. The scriptures state the movements are anti-Christian, they are anti-Bible, and they are anti-God.

Diane Hutchinson, a spokeswoman for the Battle River School Division, stated that the school should remove those verses and replace them with ones specifically about love; “There is a lot of love in the word of God,” she said. “We were concerned about that specific piece of Scripture, given today’s legislation and sensitive environment.”

Unfortunately, the Cornerstone school obliged to the whims of the administration and has temporarily removed the verses from the student handbook. However, the school’s board chair, Deanna Margel, is concerned that the division wants to limit what Christian students can be taught, given that they can block any Bible passage from the classroom if it is deemed offensive to a particular group of students.

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