Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida Don’t Miss It!

Just thisĀ morning, September 2ndĀ 2015, at around 5 am a video was captured of an extremely strange sighting in Florida skies. The sighting was of what appears to be a meteor breaking into our atmosphere and causing an awesome display. Some people believe that it is a ufo. However, being that Florida has also been home to other recent strange sightings the questions are arising. Just what is going on in the sunshine state?

If the above video does not work please try the original Facebook video below the gallery of images taken.

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If the above video doesn’t just click the F on the above video to be directed right to Facebook and the video.

Previously, there has been another wild sighting in the skies. That sighting was a strange beam of light appearing to come out of the ground or head down to the ground. After further investigation the beam was real, it was not a camera malfunction, or photoshop. It is an actual legitimate anomaly and there have been others spotted around the world, such of which brings the question just what in the world is going on?