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As I do every morning, I was flipping through the news shows when I came across a CNN panel advertised as objective journalism. Nevertheless, The Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson and Errol Lewis never once brought up the fact that Baltimore has exclusively been run by Democrats for a full half-century. Instead, both just called for more government to “end decades of poverty and discrimination.”The only criticism either could muster for President Obama is that he called thugs “thugs.”

Naturally, neither of the CNN anchors challenged this rubbish (am I the only one who longs for the days when Alisyn Camerota was still Alisyn Camerota?). And why would they? Somewhere in a hollowed-out volcano, the mainstream media met and set The Narrative: Baltimore needs more government.

Baltimore needs more government like Michael Moore needs more pie.Calling for more government in Baltimore is nothing more than calling for the further genocide of young black men who are not victims of a lack of government largess, but rather a depraved left-wing culture specifically designed to keep people poor and dependent on Democrats.

The sad fact, though, is that somewhere around 85% of Baltimorians do not want change. Even as these free people watch their city slowly descend into a failed city, in droves they continue to vote for the same failed leadership that got them there. On paper, after decades of a Democrat monopoly, Baltimore should be a liberal paradise. Instead it is an impoverished war zone.

Naturally, Democrats blame poverty, which in turn gives them license to spend more money on their brilliantly-conceived genocidal cycle of government dependence. This poverty argument is of course anti-science nonsense. In my North Carolina county, we have 30% more poverty and a median income well below the citizens of Baltimore. Although we are much worse off financially, there are no riots, there is no tension, and very little crime. We are very poor and yet we remain civilized.Until there is a culture change in Baltimore, the sad but brutal truth is that the city cannot be saved. And if the media, Rep. Elijah Cummings, Mayor Room-To-Destroy, Barack Obama, and elected-Democrats have something to say about it, the culture will never change in Baltimore. Another brutal truth is that this genocidal cycle must continue in order for Democrats to remain in power.Going back to their defense of slavery, their founding of the KKK, and their formation of Jim Crow, in order to remain in power, for centuries Democrats have been destroying and oppressing the poor, specifically blacks.  The present-day Democrat policies that create a Detroit and a Baltimore are just a modified tactic in pursuit of the same sinister goal.

Republicans are not perfect, but we are not the ones aborting millions of innocent black children and warehousing in failed public schools run by corrupt unions those who escape the Planned Parent butchers. And we sure as hell didn’t replace the two-parent family with a government check.Baltimore does not want my help, and therefore Baltimore is not my problem.Nor is Baltimore America’s problem. Baltimore is a Democrat problem. These riots are nothing more than Democrat infighting, and the videos of these riots are nothing more than infomercials for U-Haul and the NRA.

The good people trapped in Baltimore, the 15% or so with the moral courage to vote against-all-odds for a new direction and new leadership, need to buy firearms to protect themselves in a city run by moral illiterates who excuse the savagery of mobs and call for police to stand idle as chaos reigns. In the meantime, the 15%  also need to start saving the money for the U-Haul that will get them the hell out of Dodge.I know what it is to be dirt poor and trapped in an American inner-city. For nearly two years I lived in the worst part of Milwaukee’s inner-city during the mid-eighties. I’ve been mugged. I’ve been burglarized. And I know what it means to worry about having enough money for rent and food. Most of all, I am nothing special. No silver spoon, no above-average IQ. If I got out, anyone can get out. You can get out.Buy a gun. Save for a U-Haul. As is their right, the free people of Baltimore have made the choice to double and triple and quadruple down on the left-wing policies that have decimated their city and ensured misery for their children.You can’t help those who don’t want help.

Baltimore is lost

Source: Baltimore Is Nothing More Than an Informercial For U-Haul and The NRA – Breitbart