UPDATED: New Video Evidence Shows What Really Happened at the LaVoy Finicum shooting


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In a video shown at a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office press conference today, the aerial FBI video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting has been synched with a cellphone video Shauna Cox recorded from within Finicum’s truck.

UPDATED AT 08:00 AM EST 03/10/2016

Below is a copy of the full autopsy report. In the autopsy it describes how LaVoy Finicum died, how many times he was shot, what he had on him when he entered the morgue, and where he was shot at. LaVoy was shot mostly in the back, and the autopsy does not say he was wearing his holster as previously described by the sheriff. Also of importance is in the video when it looks like he is “reaching in his jacket,” according to the report, LaVoy could have been grabbing a gun shot wound.

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No words can describe what transpired during this “traffic stop.” Video evidence shows that LaVoy was attempting to get out of the car, he was not shooting, or holding his firearm. After LaVoy was murdered, the FBI began firing a barrage of bullets into the vehicle even after the individuals inside the car screamed stop. Lasers flew just as fast as the bullets, as well as gas rounds were also fired into the car. With no where to go, the individuals inside the car were attempting to surrender and even still after the attempts to surrender were made the FBI kept firing.

Recently arrests all around the country began.

It is important to note that the Federal government works remarkably well when the populace is afraid. Frightened individuals tend to listen to “big-daddy” government a lot more than a fearless populace. As the following statement by the head of the FBI in Nevada, Laura Bucheit points out that the latest charges and arrests “send an irrefutable message to the American people that our determination remains steadfast to protect them and pursue individuals who participate in violent acts of this nature.” This statement is meant to spark fear in those who want to openly protest the government. Under constitutional law, free speech and protesting are allowed; not to mention in Nevada open carry of both handguns and long guns is allowed as well. Which is why they are coming after our right to free speech, and our right to keep and bear arms. Both of which the overarching government has serious problems with. Free speech, as determined by the Constitution, allows people to speak out against corruption and if they are threatened. The second amendment was put in place not for “hunting or sports,” but to allow the people to keep the government in check.