PSYOP Exposed 2ND Gun Battle In Same Day This Time Bank Robbery

The gun grab agenda is kicking into full swing and the last push Obama is doing for gun control will affect every sector of the second amendment.

Earlier today a gun battle took place in Texas, no police were injured only the suspect. Now later today another gun battle has taken place this time it was in a hotel lobby.


They are attempting a major psyop on the people, we must encourage others to not fall for such false flags and psyops.

Whether the bank robbery be a real incident or not, that is beside the point as of this moment because the regime is using any and every event they can to further their agenda.

NEW YORK — Gunfire erupted in the lobby of the storied Waldorf-Astoria Hotel during a brazen robbery attempt Saturday at an adjacent jewelry store, wounding a security guard and sending guests diving for cover.

The guard was shot in the chest but was expected to survive, and a suspect was in custody, police said.

Hotel guest Christine Cataldo said she was looking at a display of engagement rings near the entrance to the store, Cellini Jewelers, when she heard the first shot.

“It sounded like a bomb. One big boom. And then people started running,” said Cataldo, of Long Island. “I looked up, and I saw a man in a suit with silver hair grabbing another guy.”

The mayhem began when the suspect, wearing a black track suit, pulled out a gun in the jewelry store and used the weapon to smash two display cases full of expensive rings and necklaces, said a police official who spoke on condition of anonymity because detectives were still investigating.

The security guard, a retired police officer, confronted the robber. About three gunshots rang out as the guard and suspect wrestled and fell to the floor, though it wasn’t clear which of the two fired, the official said. Both were armed.

One bullet hit the guard in the upper chest, the official said.

Source: Gunfire erupts in Waldorf Astoria lobby – US news – Crime & courts | NBC News