The U.S. military and intelligence services are attempting to dabble in forecasting the future to create what they call a “superforecaster.” The governmental agencies are using human volunteers and technology to achieve their goal of locating a superforecaster.

The following video shows technology that is already available which predicts the future and machine learning.

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However, this is not the first time the US government has attempted to forecast the future. Originally, the government ran a project called psychoenergetics research in the 1980’s. The project sought to use remote viewing and other “psi” esp abilities to forecast the future and gather data about a remote site.

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superforecastingThe primary goal of the new project, called “Good Judgement,” is to locate an average person who can predict the future with accuracy and without access to top secret information. The “superforecasters,” as they are known, are all volunteers. They are Americans who signed up to take part in a long-running experiment put together by U.S. intelligence officials and several university professors. All of this is under the direction of a government agency called Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). Similar to DARPA – IARPA’s mission is “To envision and lead high-risk, high-payoff research that delivers innovative technology for future overwhelming intelligence advantage.”

The future America is doused in algorithms, artificial intelligence, chimeras, and sci-fi technology; all of which will revoke the remaining tidbits of privacy, freedom, and The Constitution. Through technology, the globalists plan to “connect” the world through empathy and to remove the borders of every country which would allow the satanic elite to create the New World Order.

In developing the New World Order, certain problems arise; and they are, of course, thought criminals. Future forecasting technology allows a dangerous precedent to be set – catching the “criminals before they strike.”

As we covered recently, IARPA is the agency working on a vast array of sci-fi technology, such as a “self-aware” artificial intelligence, robot, that will use posts on social media to decipher a threat level of an individual and determine whether or not they should be placed on a kill list. But that’s not all; IARPA plans to use user generated cloud data all across the world and feed it to an algorithm that will make predictions and “threat-level” assessments based on the taxonomies “wrapped” into the data stored in the cloud.

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Now, with an understanding of IARPA’s goals, it should be exceedingly clear why the governmental agency is after a “superforecaster,” it is because they are teaching an algorithm to predict future events. IARPA is looking to forecast the future of politics, international affairs, technology, sports, entertainment, and more.

How? They created a game.

It’s called The Good Judgement Project, and through the use of this tournament – thousands of individuals from all walks of life are willingly signing up to sign the death warrants of “free-thinkers” futuristically. Or, in IARPA’s words – they are signing up to play a game and “put their skills to the test.”

Some examples of what the forecasters are “playing games” and attempting to predict are: The collapse of foreign regimes, the spread of deadly outbreaks, the meltdown of nuclear reactors, and other such headline-making events.

Forecasting technology already exists – have you checked a weather app lately? Or maybe the stock market? Both of these fields use artificial intelligence to predict outcomes. For the military, the use of prediction technology attempts to predict an enemies movements before they are made.

The future is paved with artificial intelligence and Martial Law style technology – Are you ready?