Obama Third Term? “I’m Not Quitting, I’m Being ‘Forced Out’ Of the Presidency”

American President Barack Obama, claimed while playing golf that he is not quitting the presidency instead, he is being forced out. Obama’s claim leaves us all to wonder is Barack Obama attempting to either run for a third term, which would be illegal? Or is he planning on stopping the elections all together?

In a weird twist, it would appear as though Obama would like to stay in office as the President of the United States, instead of following the usual protocol. One must begin to wonder, does Obama think this is a dictatorship?

Obama was asked about the future of his golf game by the Golf Channel’s David Feherty in an interview that took place just before he played his 300th game as president.

 “I’m not a hack, but I’m not quitting my day job,” he explained.

“Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” Feherty pointed out.

“Well then I may get good,” Obama replied grinning, before adding, “I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit.”

This is not the first time Obama has made mentions of staying in office, in fact; the man has made various “jokes” about running for a third term.


The strange part; there actually could be a plan in place to keep Obama in the Oval office this November. According to a leak from the BLM; they plan to get Martial Law enacted to stop the elections if Hillary Clinton is losing.