Breaking News: 50000 Ukrainians to be drafted! War is here…


The stroke of a pen and 50000 Ukrainians to be drafted, just like that. This comes directly after Russia warns of the return to ‘scenario of force’.

According to ZeroHedge: “And with a stroke of his pen, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko signs a decree that mobilizes up to 50,000 “health men and women” aged 25 to 60 to the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine…”

Suddenly it appears that the Ukrainian situation is going to promptly head back to center stage and the heat is off because of Russia’s decision to stop all gas flowing to Europe through Ukraine. This makes the shakings of war even louder.

“Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has issued a decree mobilizing 50,000 servicemen to the frontline in eastern Ukraine.

 Those eligible will receive notice papers calling them to service as soon as the Ukrainian parliament approves the measure.

 The Ministry of Defense plans to draft healthy men and women, preferably with military experience. Tank operators, artillerymen, reconnaissance scouts and messengers aged 25 to 60 are in high demand.

 Volodymyr Talalay, Major General: “We are not planning to draft untrained men for positions that require military efficiency. Military leaders are looking for those who have already been in the army or those who can serve within civilian professions.”

 Combat trainings for servicemen will take 10-15 days. Ministry of Defense officials say this timeframe is adequate to acquire combat skills and replace those soldiers who will be rotated out.”

UA Today Reports.

Just yesterday the sounds of war could be heard all across Europe when Russia made the announcement, in fact many are calling it the “declaration of war”, this is just the beginning of that scenario.

“Russia has cautioned Ukraine against resorting to the use of force in the crisis in eastern Ukraine, amid a recent rise in violence in the region.

“We are warning our Ukrainian colleagues against attempts to once again return to the scenario of force,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference in the Russian capital, Moscow, on Wednesday.

Referring to a rocket strike on a bus transporting civilians on Tuesday, which left 12 people dead, he said, “The shooting has become massive.”

Lavrov further urged the government in Kiev to launch a “thorough and objective” investigation into the deadly incident.

Both the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russia forces accused each other of being behind the rocket attack.

“There are… several versions, we need to examine them,” Lavrov said, calling on the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has a mission in Ukraine, to elucidate the deadly incident.”


The conclusion, war is knocking and the pen stroke of 50,000 Ukrainians being drafted is not a good sign, all this comes on the heels of the market reeling because of the oil collapse which is stirring tensions globally. The market futures are down roughly 3%.

In Greece, the bank runs have practically started and that is yet another sign of global tension getting tougher. The economy is feeling the pinch and the energy crisis is close to turning this entire scenario into a hot war zone.