The Chinese are using military grade lasers to cause accidents with American military aircraft in Africa

China has been using military grade lasers at its newly installed base in Djibouti, Africa against US military equipment and aircrafts. The situation is serious enough that the United States is launching a diplomatic protest with Beijing.

The United States military has issued a warning to Personnel in Djibouti, to be very weary of what area is there flying through.

The notice warns all Airmen “to exercise caution when flying in certain areas in Djibouti,” which “was issued due to lasers being directed at US aircraft on a small number of separate occasions over the last few weeks,” according to the notice obtained by CNN.
“During one incident, there were two minor eye injuries of aircrew flying in a C-130 that resulted from exposure to military-grade laser beams, which were reported to have originated from the nearby Chinese base,” the notice said.

The report detailing the attacks against US military equipment and aircraft comes just days after us intelligence officials issued a ban that prohibits all US military bases from selling ZTE and Huawei phones at Telecom equipment.