Tennessee lawmakers pass ‘In God We Trust’ school bill

Tennessee lawmakers pass bill requiring public schools to display The National Motto: ‘In God We Trust.’

The bill would go into effect immediately should Governor Bill Haslam sign it. The legislation passed the Senate unanimously and cleared the House in an 81-8 vote, with both chambers controlled by Republicans.

The bill requires schools to display the Motto in a prominent location, either as a plaque, artwork, or in some other form.

The passing of this bill could spark controversy; however, the bill’s sponsor Republican Rep. Susan Lynn states that the passing of this legislation shouldn’t bother “faithless people” and “people of other faiths” because it’s the motto of the country.

“Our national motto and founding documents are the cornerstone of freedom and we should teach our children about these things,” Lynn further stated.


Governor Haslam is expected to review the bill as soon as it hits his desk, but stated that he feels as though mottos aren’t important because, according to him, it doesn’t tend to change people’s thoughts.