Scientist Guy McPherson claims that the world only has until 2026 before Climate Change wipes humanity off the face of the Earth.

Guy McPherson is a retired biology and ecology professor and claimed in 2016 that runaway climate change will end humanity in ten years. The former professor used to teach at the University of Arizona. Guy is well known for promoting the idea of near-term extinction (NTE), a term he coined about the possibility of human extinction as soon as 2026.

“For most of us, we’ll be going sooner than that 2026 timeline I presented a couple of years ago.”

“Plant life will be unable to keep up with the repetitive rise in temperature. Plants will die, and we need plants to survive. We don’t eat without plants. The water will continue to be fouled, the air will continue to be spoiled,” explains Prof McPherson.

“But a primary factor will be starvation as civilization collapses and the inability to grow grains at scale is one result.”

“It could be – and I’m not predicting this, but this could happen – that the world’s 400-plus nuclear power plants melt down catastrophically when unattended by people because they’re not paid because civilization collapses. That could cause ionizing radiation to strip away the Earth’s atmosphere and leave us in the not-too-distant future looking a lot like Mars.”

“It could be that we lose the living planet. That’s not what I wish for, that’s not what I’m predicting, but it wouldn’t surprise me. There would be no human around to document that demise.”

Guy is not alone in his statements, recently Prince Charles also declared on July 18, 2015, that the world now has “just 35 years to save the planet” from “global warming.”

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