Preacher Detained For Commentary; In the United Kingdom, Christians Are Being Arrested For Speaking

David J Lynn is a Planting, Pastoral, and Evangelistic figure who has been used to ignite the fire of Evangelism amongst believers and plant Churches and Para-Church Ministries throughout the world. - Credit: Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries

A Canadian Preacher was arrested in the United Kingdom for allegedly making homophobic comments. David Lynn, a nondenominational ministry leader, and a subject to, what appears to be, a campaign against free speech in the U.K., was detained for over twenty hours.

The Preacher was released without a charge filed on Wednesday from Fresh Wharf Custody Base in East London. Lynn, a Canadian native, was accused of calling a lesbian woman “perverse” and “sinful” while preaching at a train station in Barking.

David Lynn has been a preacher for twenty-two years, and heads an organization called Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries with congregations and churches in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

After the arrest, Christian Legal Center, an organization based in the United Kingdom that helps Christians all over the world with issues relating to law and the Christian faith, aided David Lynn with the ordeal.

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According to the Christian Legal Center;

David began preaching at 1pm on Tuesday, and arrived outside Barking Tube Station at 3.30pm, where a group of supporters joined him. He preached about people searching for love in the wrong places, and that it is only through a right relationship with Christ that this deep need can be satisfied.

A crowd formed, and David frequently handed the microphone to onlookers to allow them to respond to his preaching. It was alleged that David called a homosexual lady in the crowd ‘perverse’ and ‘sinful’, though he denies this and video footage captured of the preaching does not substantiate her complaint. Instead, it shows groups of supporters cheering, chanting ‘Jesus’ and supporting David throughout his preaching. The atmosphere was more like a carnival that a confrontation.”  – Christian Legal Centre

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After the ordeal David stated;

“My vision is to bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ’s love and forgiveness to the world through evangelism. I am passionate about igniting and uniting the global body of Christ for the evangelistic mandate, and I want to bring the message of salvation to the entire world, keeping the focus on Christ and spreading God’s love and forgiveness found in Jesus. What happened on Tuesday shocked me, and I am grateful to the Christian Legal Centre for responding immediately to my arrest and helping me avoid being charged.”

David Lynn is one of many who have been arrested in the United Kingdom recently for situations surrounding Free Speech. Recently, a Christian woman and far-right activist, was also detained and banned from the United Kingdom for speaking against Islam.

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In addition, just last year another pair of Christians were arrested for speaking against Islam, according to Christian Concern;

Mike Overd, together with another street preacher, Michael Stockwell, has been convicted of a ‘religiously aggravated’ public order offence, following their arrest in July 2016. He and his friends had been preaching in a Bristol shopping area and responding to questions, objections and abuse. Video evidence shows Mike being forcibly removed from the area by a police officer.

Charges against one of the men were dropped before the court hearing and two days into the hearing the court decided that there was no case to answer in relation to one of the other men. However, Mike and Michael were convicted but they have appealed. Mike has been arrested before but successfully contested the charges against him. – Christian Legal Center

The United Kingdom and its forces are increasingly becoming hostile towards those who speak out against issues they disagree with, particularly towards those who hold the Christian faith.

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