A dark tide is washing upon the shores of the United States, and slowly but steadily the globalists are turning the Constitution into “just a piece of paper.” At least, that’s according to ill-informed LAW enforcement officers who harassed and ticketed a woman for simply praying in her own home.

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Recently in Louisburg, Kansas; Ms. Mary Ann Sause was ticketed on charges of disorderly conduct and interference.

According to attorneys, Ms. Sause was home late at night when the police demanded to be let in to her apartment, but wouldn’t give her a specific reason why they were there. Ms. Sause showed them a copy of the Constitution, given to her by her congressman, but one of the officers said it was “just a piece of paper,” which “doesn’t work here.”

Once inside her home, the officers harassed her and told her to prepare to go to jail. Terrified, Ms. Sause asked one of the officers if she could pray before she was taken away. After being told she could, she knelt in silent prayer, only to have another officer enter the room and order her to stop praying. The officers continued to harass her and flip through the codebook to see how they could charge her. Only at the end of the encounter did they tell her that they were there because of a minor noise complaint that her radio was too loud.

“As a survivor of rape, Sause never opens her door to anyone she can’t identify,” First Liberty said.

“The police are supposed to make you feel safe, but I was terrified that night. It was one of the worst nights of my life,” Ms. Sause says.

After the ordeal, she filed complaints with the city and got no response before going to court. Astonishingly, Judge Julie Robinson concluded that the officer’s order for her to stop praying “may have offended her,” but it was not “a burden on her ability to exercise her religion.”

Ms. Sause took her case to The First Liberty Institute, which is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious freedom for all Americans.

First Liberty and Gibson Dunn contend that the City of Louisburg violated the law by forbidding Ms. Sause to pray in the privacy of her own home.

“No American should ever be told that they cannot pray in their own home,” says Stephanie Taub, Associate Counsel for First Liberty Institute. “The right to pray in the privacy of one’s own home is clearly protected by the First Amendment.”

“As Ms. Sause explained in her complaint, two Louisburg police officers abused their power and violated her First Amendment rights by ordering her—under threat of arrest and without any legitimate law-enforcement justification—to stop praying in her own home,” Bradley G. Hubbard, Litigation Associate at Gibson Dunn, says. “We urge the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to reverse the district court’s decision and allow Ms. Sause a meaningful day in court as she attempts to vindicate her constitutionally protected religious liberty.”

America is rapidly becoming a police state, where freedom of speech is only being granted to muslims and satanists. Similar cases have shown a shocking, increasing trend in this country, and that is that the followers of Jesus Christ are not welcome.

Similar cases have included sending Christians to re-education camps to be “retrained” to accept homosexuals and transgenders. Other cases have included where the name of Jesus constitutes as hate speech. The United States of America is rapidly demoralizing, and soon enough Christians far and wide will not be allowed to attend any church unless it is state sponsored, read any Bible unless it has been authorized by the state. The trend alarmingly lines up with what is taking place in communist China, where Xi Jinping recently announced an agenda for a ‘Religious Winter’ to wipe out Christianity from the country.

The persecution and oppression of Christians is happening all throughout the world, yet mainstream media never seems to cover the atrocities committed against the followers of Jesus. If Americans don’t wake up soon to the deception that is sweeping the nation, there won’t be a country left to wake up too.

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