As obscene inequality grows, the World Economic Forum plans to send the whole world into a ‘welfare state’ with universal basic income.

While citing a $1,000 monthly government payment as ‘freedom,’ the WEF says that eight people from Bill Gates to Michael Bloomberg own as much wealth as 3.6 billion people.

“Consider for a moment that from this day forward, on the first day of every month, around $1,000 is deposited into your bank account – because you are a citizen.” Says the WEF which is comprised of global elitists who have gotten unequivocally rich off of the free market.

The reason behind Welfare State ideology is stagnate wages, the transformation of lifelong careers into sub-hourly tasks, artificial intelligence, and automation which will soon truthfully begin to wipe out jobs; even more will be out of work, and even more will be hitting the poverty line.

The WEF’s answer to the above problem that they created is to place everyone at the poverty line; while the rich just get richer off of automation.

The absurdity surrounding Basic Income ideology is proved in the numbers;

What tends to go unrealized about the idea of basic income, and this is true even of many economists – but not all – is that it represents a net transfer. In the same way it does not cost $20 to give someone $20 in exchange for $10, it does not cost $3 trillion to give every adult citizen $12,000 and every child $4,000, when every household will be paying varying amounts of taxes in exchange for their UBI. Instead it will cost around 30% of that, or about $900 billion, and that’s before the full or partial consolidation of other programs and tax credits immediately made redundant by the new transfer. In other words, for someone whose taxes go up $4,000 to pay for $12,000 in UBI, the cost to give that person UBI is $8,000, not $12,000, and it’s coming from someone else whose taxes went up $20,000 to pay for their own $12,000. However, even that’s not entirely accurate, because the consolidation of the safety net and tax code UBI allows could drive the total price even lower.

The WEF then claims the real cost is actually;

The true net cost of UBI in the US is therefore closer to an additional tax revenue requirement of a few hundred billion dollars – or less – depending on the many design choices made, and there exists a variety of ideas out there for crossing such a funding gap in a way that many people might prefer, that would also treat citizens like the shareholders they are, and that could even reduce taxes on labour by focusing more on capital, consumption, and externalities instead of wages and salaries. Additionally, we could eliminate the $540 billion in tax expenditures currently being provided disproportionately to the wealthiest, and also some of the $850 billion spent on defense.

So while the jobs all dry up, the elitists plan to place everyone $200 above the poverty line with essentially no way to climb out. Sound familiar? Yes, that is a welfare state, and yes, it is coming to America harder than ever before.

world economic forum welfare state basic income

Automation and technology over the next few years will radically reshape the economy and job market in America. More will be out of work, than ever before, with no income. Not surprisingly, the elitist, globalist answer to the increasing joblessness is to instead of deal with the problem, automation; they plan to deal with symptoms, all while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.