Author of the New Age Book ‘The Shack’ Claims That Salvation Can Happen After Death: ‘I don’t think that death is our damnation’


The book ‘The Shack’ was authored by a man named William P. Young and was recently turned into a major motion picture which portrayed God as a woman.

William was recently interviewed by Eternity News, regarding his new documentary “The Heart of Man,” in which he claimed that after death, mankind is still granted the chance to be reconciled after death.

In reference is the wildly popular prodigal son parable from Scripture, where William and Eternity News are discussing the consequences if the prodigal son does not return to the Father.

Young stated in regards to such; “You’re putting a ‘[if you] don’t return’ as if death is the final arbiter.”

Furthermore, William said that he holds a different view than most and that when Scripture is talking about “neither death nor life … shall be able to separate us from the love of God,” it is not just talking to Christians; instead, it is talking to all mankind.

“[E]very time the New Testament talks about the issue of judgment, it talks about krisis—the Greek word for judgment—and it’s a crisis. You’re going to enter a crisis, and I don’t think the story is over; I don’t think death is our damnation,” Young claimed.

Young did, however, say that Jesus is both the Savior and Judge and that men will receive ramifications for their actions and choices. The author also believes that they can potentially change their minds as God continues to pursue them.

“I think that Jesus is both our salvation and rightful judge, but that judgment is intended for our good, not our harm,” Young said. “So, what does it mean? Well, you get to experience the losses of your choices, and that’s no fun. I mean it’s devastating.”

The interviewer then asked if Young meant only in this life or for eternity, to which he responded that it depends on whether or not the person changes their choices after death.

“[The consequences are] potentially for eternity, if you keep holding on to it. But I don’t think the story is over just because you die,” Young stated. “I think there is an ongoing relational confrontation between the One who knows you best and loves you best. Potentially forever and, potentially, you could say ‘no’ forever. How someone could do that I don’t know, but definitely, that tension is held in Scripture for sure.”

William Young, the author of The Shack once again goes entirely against Scripture in his teachings. Unfortunately, many who have seen the movie the shack and or read the book are being wildly led astray by a man who claims that our choices in this life can change after we die.