Art ‘Museum From Hell’ Opened Up UNDER The Atlantic, and You Won’t Believe What’s There


An eerie museum has sprung up recently in a very odd location, deep under the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Museo Atlantico is submerged at depths of between 12 and 15 meters on the seafloor and is accessible only to divers and snorkelers.

The museum features over 300 human sculptures by Jason DeCaires Taylor. The sculptures range in size and subject, for example, one is a horned demon child looking into a mirror, while others depict bored people lounging and staring off into the distance.


Regardless, they all are being used for one purpose. The artist stated, “The whole idea was for it to become a portal to another world.” Between the symbolism and interpreted meaning of the art, DeCaires Taylor has done just that.

One of the portals spoken of is shown below. The horned demon child is hanging onto the mirror in the sculpture. The artist comments, “The portal….. Now installed!!!! Moving water within water.”


Mirrors are known for manifesting demonic spirits. For centuries Wiccans and dark magic, practitioners have been using them for a form of divination called scrying. Through this process, they can contact “spirits” (demons), be it for fortune telling, inspiration, or guidance.

Leviticus 20:6 warns us against any such activity, ’As for the person who turns to mediums and to spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.’

The human gyre is a sculpture of 207 bodies piled on top of each other in a circle. Gyre means spiral or portal.

“The finishing touches on new sculpture ‘the human gyre.’ This piece has a simple form but was a real beast to construct and install. Over a year in the making it contains 207 life size human casts.”

Dating back to ancient cultures such as Babylon, ritualistic human sacrifice was committed to appease certain gods. This sculpture is reminiscent of just that, being named gyre or portal, we can assume that its power is being used spiritually to invoke powers from the underworld.

In Leviticus 18:21, 20:3 and Deuteronomy 12:30-31, 18:10, the Torah contains many imprecations against and laws forbidding child sacrifice and human sacrifice in general.

Hitler carried out mass human sacrifice that many have theorized was for the purpose of evil spiritual power. The pile of sculpted bodies, now lying underwater, look too similar to what was seen in Nazi, Germany to wipe off. Museo Atlantico is a demonic stronghold.

Some of his other art shows the same theme. The obelisk is known to be an Egyptian symbol of male power. You can see that structure below.

One of the greatest sculpture parks in the world. #vigeland #gustavigeland

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With the caption, “I’m pretty sure I spotted some aliens in the museum last night!!!” DeCaires Taylor shows another group sculptures of people drifting toward a gateway.

A goal of DeCaires Taylor was to raise awareness of oceanic issues. He states, “I want it to inspire people to understand more about our oceans and the threats facing it.” The concrete sculptures are intended to allow local species from the coral reef to grow on them. A previous underwater display done by the same artist shows what they will one day end up looking like, see below.

The statement is loud and clear. The artist believes that humans are destroying nature and due to that, nature will one day destroy us. Showing people in drone-like lackadaisical states that will someday be consumed and covered by the reef, depicts humans as pure consumers imposing their way over nature.

While some extent of that may be true, it leaves out the beautiful side of humanity. Yes, humanity is flawed, but God made us to have free will to live either according to his will or against it. The artwork on display shows mankind as a sleepy, drifting decomposing force on nature. None of those things is what we were created to be, and many of them are effects that Satan has had on our world. The devil wishes to steal our humanity, kill the innocent and destroy anything that stands in the way of that. The sculptures on display go along with the satanic agenda, showing portals to the underworld, and undermining the value of human life.