Urgent Video, Martial Law Drills Being Done In South Carolina. Through Door to Door “Wellness Checks”

Previously we reported how coming in 2016, the US government could euthanize the weak and feeble minded, thanks to a report by Natural News. Literally, the planning of such murderous acts is coming to life through “wellness checks” in South Carolina. These are the drills that precede Martial Law. Once declared the “wellness checks” will not actually be on the weak and needy it will be on Patriots, and freedom-seeking individuals who will be euthanized for not accepting the Mark Of The Beast of their forced vaccinations.

The ideology that “wellness checks” are needed is preposterous, let alone that it is being done by military personnel. Which the main-populace is now growing accustom to being on city streets. This exact sort of tactic is just like it is shown through movies and music videos, and countless other methods. It is called predictive programming. Making individuals of America realize that it is okay to violate law if you have a badge and or a uniform. “The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed into law on June 18, 1878 by PresidentRutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to enforce the state laws. It was passed as an amendment to an army appropriation bill following the end of Reconstruction, and was subsequently updated in 1956 and 1981.” Such law is continually violated.

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The reason such “wellness checks where done was because of “emergency preparedness”, the question still remains… Just what are they preparing for?

“In yet another example of the growing trend of the process of acclimatization of the general public to an open military presence on American streets as well as greater cooperation between the US Military and civilian law enforcement, South Carolina was recently the scene of a statewide “emergency preparedness” drill that incorporated both of these aspects in a visible form. On March 7, 2015, the state-wide drill, entitled Operation Vigilant Guard, took place under the pretext of preparation for the inevitable destruction a hurricane would bring to South Carolina. According to reports in the local media, the drills were based on the premise of the landfall of a Category 4 hurricane and “how they’d respond to get citizens help” in such an event. The training involved the South Carolina National Guard as well as National Guard units from Georgia in addition to participants from local and state law enforcement agencies as well as local and state “officials.” In the Florence area, there were at least 400 hundred military personnel involved in the exercise. All in all, however, around 2,000 military personnel participated state-wide and 5,000 participants were involved from South Carolina emergency management Divisions and county divisions of Emergency Management. According to the National Guard press release announcing the drill,  The South Carolina National Guard, along with state and county emergency management agencies, will conduct a disaster readiness exercise called Vigilant Guard beginning this weekend, part of which will include the mock in-processing of approximately 300 military and civilian personnel Saturday at McCrady Training Center in Eastover. Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration, or JRSOI, is the process that will be utilized by the South Carolina National Guard to in-process support personnel from partner agencies during a real-world emergency. Vigilant Guard is an eight-day field exercise held March 5-12, taking place at numerous locations across South Carolina. This exercise will test the ability of the National Guard to support response operations based on simulated emergency scenarios such as the landfall of a hurricane, a collapsed building, widespread fires and mass casualties. The National Guard, along with local, state and federal partners will be deployed to exercise venues in Georgetown, with other sites including Moncks Corner, Spartanburg, Florence, West Columbia and Williamsburg. While this writer witnessed a portion of the drill in Florence, the application of the drill in Monck’s Corner is what is most disturbing. In Monck’s Corner, SC National Guard personnel, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, and other state and local “emergency responders” went door to door conducting “wellness checks” on civilian homes. The sight of military personnel going door to door in civilian neighborhoods is beyond creepy to say the least.” –MORE

Billions of bullets, guillotines, federalizing the police forces under Obamalaw. Welcome to the New Amerika!