Google Artificial Intelligence Created it’s Own ‘Offspring’ Paving Way For ‘Computer-Born Entities’

Source: Flickr

Artificial Intelligence in the ‘world of tech’ is the next big thing, but that world is bridging with ours. Computer scientists at Google have developed a form of AI which is creating its own ‘children.’

AI is being sold as a technology that, once fully developed, can aid humanity in our endeavors, but the conglomerates are in fact developing tools that can replace, wholesale, the need for a human workforce.

Technologists would have us believe that what they are creating is for the betterment of mankind, just as our smartphones and computers have become extensions of ourselves, they claim, artificial intelligence will further be an advancement for humanity. However, many scientists, CEO’s and engineers have warned that with true artificial intelligence the outcome could be detrimental because the AI could create a system or platform only it could operate and control.

While that sounds Sci-fi, Google’s Artificial Intelligence created just that, it’s own offspring. The AI created ‘children’ all on it’s own to better perform the task humans required of it. Google’s artificial intelligence created a child outside of being programmatically commanded to do such, instead it operated independently.

Google’s system is known as AutoML, and it has a wide range of applications, one of which is image classification.

Interestingly enough, the computer-made system, known as NASNet which was designed by AutoML, was created autonomously to identify objects, such as people and vehicles in photographs and videos, the search engine giant says.

The system created by the computer out performs all systems to date that have been created by humans. The NASNet system can identify objects within pictures at a rate of 82.7% and has many different practical uses. What is incredibly alarming is the reality that the system was entirely designed without the input of humans.