GRIDEX III The Drill To Take Down Americas Power Grid

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The power grid, the infrastructure that the USA has relied on for years, is weak and brittle. In fact, a few lines cut and the flow of information, power, connection, and data comes to a near standstill. The grid is not the most reliable way to the world of information. However, it is the most convenient.

Changing the grid or infrastructure would take years and is currently in the early stages of taking place. The problem is that the governments of the world do not want the peasants to have power, they want control. Which means that the grid will at some point, go down. The question is when?

Every other year, a drill takes place that focuses on the grid, it’s named GridEx. Gridex III is this year, and as always the populace must pay full attention. Simply put, during drills, situations go live. Which means that on November 18th and 19th this year; it’s time to pay attention.

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