Breaking: The first Women in the UK will Undergo a radical ‘Three-Person’ IVF Technique

Bad news, the first women in the UK will undergo a three-person In Vitro Fertilization technique, British regulators have approved the first uses of a technique called mitochondrial replacement therapy.

Previously, we have discussed the objective of technology replacing the normality of how babies are born.

Now, in the UK doctors are set, legally, to create a modified human being. Doctors will first fertilize a woman’s egg with sperm and remove its nucleus, leaving the defective mitochondrial DNA behind.

Then they will inject the nucleus into a hollowed-out donor egg containing only healthy mitochondrial DNA, effectively utilizing three people.

In the United States, Congress has banned the research and practice of implanting modified embryos in a person. However, in the UK, China and other places around the world, ethical boundaries are more lenient and as a result, regulations set in this particular field are far more flexible.

This is not the first utilization of a three-person In Vitro Fertilization technique, instead, in Mexico, in 2016, New York fertility doctor John Zhang conducted a similar procedure.