All Seeing Eye: Google, Samsung, and Sony Building A Cyborg Contact Lens That Records Everything


The all seeing eye of destruction. Google, Samsung, and Sony are building a cyborg contact lens which can record, track, and transmit everything seen with the eyeball. The lens could also play the footage back soon after the recording completed. Google plans to inject the cyborg lens into the eye whereas Sony and Samsung would manufacture a true cyborg contact lens.

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Google filed for a patent in May, which was approved, that would allow the company to inject a computerized lens directly into an eyeball. The plan is to remove the organic lens which is already in place within an eye and replace it with a cyborg one which transmits data.

Cyborg Google Lens

Secondly; Sony filed for a patent, also approved, in May which would allow a user to wear a contact lens that would record everything captured with the human eye, and take pictures with the blink of an eye.

Sony Cyborg Lens

Finally, Samsung filed for a patent in April, which Korea approved, that would allow the user to transmit data, house a video camera, a heads up display or HUD, and a motion sensor on an individuals eyeball.

Samsung Cyborg Lens

The idea behind the filled patents would quantum leap augmented reality, the goal of augmented reality is to create a streamlined connection between the virtual world and the real world. Furthering this would lead to the total Virtual Reality, one in which Facebook, and Niantic’s Pokemon Go, are building.

The complete withdrawal from reality would gravely affect and individual. Still, new technology is pointing the world directly toward a computerized world where every movement is monitored, tracked, and recorded. All of the patents are below.

The framework for a totalitarian state is being laid by the constructs of new technology; it is also a goal of Big Tech Companies to create a computer which is the size of a blood cell. Man and metal do not mix, regardless of privacy concerns would you really want Google to remove a portion the tissue within your own eye? Would a person really want to have every intimate moment that is seen with their own two eyes recorded and the data transmitted?

While Google focuses on the embeddable, Sony is working on the recordable, and finally, Samsung operates on the augmentable. Three different tech giants are gearing up for the total theft of every intimate moment a human has. The cyborg lens is paving the way for the Beast System since every single movement will get tracked and every single person will get connected to the system.

The totalitarian New World Order will primarily be governed by Artificial Intelligence all of which are in service to the Antichrist. For the one who doubts that technology is paving the way for the Beast System, please have a gander at what Google is creating regarding Particle Accelerators and wrist watches.

The Patents

Sony Patent

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Online Sony Patent

Google Patent

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Online Google Patent

Samsung Patent

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Online Samsung Patent

Three big companies are paving the way for the total police state all of which is summed up under IARPA’s latest project about analyzing live video based on an algorithm. IARPA and DARPA are attempting to create an algorithm(s) which can seek out “terrorists” before they strike. Through the use of multiple live video feeds an algorithm will attempt to analyze and facially recognize every single object within the combined feeds. As the computer power behind the algorithm grows the amount of live video streams fed into the algorithm increases; which could one day be every single street camera, security camera and so on.

Combining all of the latest technology projects and patents a dire picture is painted, one in which the Bible foretold. No one will buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. The only system that can track Millions of individuals simultaneously is embeddable technology. The Mark is more than an intention, it is predetermined to be something which this world will never come back from, and it is all being built right before our very eyes.

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