Brain Zapping? Willful Participants Subject Themselves To Mind Control – Brain Stimulants Cause Removal of Faith


Science, technology and the idiocracy of modern man has brought the world to the brink of willful mind control applicants. Mind Control or brain zapping, is the new brain stimulant technology causing the loss of faith in God, in an attempt to make people “smarter.”

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Governmental programs such as those sanctioned by DARPA and IARPA are forwarding the BRAIN project which is designed to create machine learning and for building or creating true artificial intelligence. Such programs are designed to further predictive intelligence. In war time, the government will eventually prosecute individuals based on thought crimes and or predict combative movements made against the computing algorithm or governing body.

The BRAIN project, has brought about tons of artificial stimulations for the “benefit” of mankind. Such include thought operated drones, better computer processors based on neural networks, and so on. However, this is only the beginning of the artificial grab for intelligence under governmental projects such as the BRAIN project. Programs like these will eventually execute the agenda for bringing about the Mark of the Beast.

Brain stimulators have been around for fifteen years or so. They are not a new idea, but given the recent influx in availability of know-how knowledge and brain scanners available off of the internet, the devices that can do this work are more accessible than ever before.

New Brain Zapping Devices

“Indeed, electrical as well as magnetic stimulation shows promise in the enhancement of cognitive functions,” Ruairidh Battleday and Anna-Katherine Brem, Oxford scientists who research techniques and drugs that can boost brainpower, in an email to Tech Insider. The real question is however, at what cost? Wiring the brain with more electricity would have consequences such as overdrive or upsetting balance in the brain. However, as of late health conscious concerns seem to be null and void when it comes to electrocuting ones’ self.

Given the rise in embeddable technology, and the progressive drive to mix man and metal, it would strongly appear as though the world is heading straight towards a line in which once crossed it cannot return from. Research and science have brought mankind to the brink. Technology is the mechanism in which the Mark of the Beast will rise. Thought controlling, manipulating and monitoring technology will be the death of freedom, and the rise of utter tyranny and the world is heading straight towards it.

The technological advances regarding mind control and brain zapping technology allow the mass distribution of thought altering technology. Brain stimulation is a dirty field; researchers proved just last year that magnetic and electric pulses pumped into the brain could remove one’s view or belief in God, and or political views. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, they call it, gives the ability to temporarily shut down the part of the brain associated with detecting and solving problems.

Psychologists recorded that “People who were subjected to this treatment reported that their belief in God dropped by a third following the stimulation, while there was an increase in positive feelings towards immigrants.” The study was conducted by Dr. Keise Izumi from the University of York and Colin Holbrook from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Magnetic Pulses Cause Loss of Belief in God

Stimulation involves targeting specific brain regions with these pulses to quiet some mental processes and to activate or enhance others. Upon quieting some of those regions, an individual’s belief in God could be silenced.

“Stimulating the brain with electricity to treat ailments has a long history. The ancient Greeks and Romans, including Pliny, the Elder, shocked themselves with the Atlantic Torpedo ray to treat headaches. Treatments like transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) now show promise as a means of treating depression, epilepsy, and other drug-resistant brain disorders, according to Michael Weisend, a neuroscientist at Wright State Research Institution.

And neural implants show potentially far more possibilities. They already can transmit sound to the brain to provide a type of hearing for some deaf people. When connected to a tiny camera they can even capture the shape and motion and transmit them to the brain, providing a type of vision for certain blind patients.” – Business Insider

Technology will end mankind as we know it and fully give rise to the death of faith and belief in God. Yet, this is only the beginning following prophecy this technology will be a part of the Mark of the Beast.

What say you reader?

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