BOMBSHELL: Breakthrough in Mind Control Technologies Paves the Way For the NWO


Imagine being controlled by a pianist, this is literally what the elite plan to do to mankind, through the use of this new technology. Just how far does it have to go before enough is enough? Mind Control applications are on the rise in the world of technology and science. It’s called the Mind Control MICROSCOPE, and it is the latest discovery regarding mind control technology. It creates a holographic template using lasers to alter brain cell activity. At this point, the new technology is being used to manipulate live mice. The “official” hope for the product is to selectively stimulate certain brain cells like playing the piano.


The scientists are also using this technology to make the live mice see things that are not actually there. With animals that are trained to see a shape and push the lever, but using the microscope method the scientists can make the animal see something that is not there.

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‘With this new microscope, we believe we will soon be able to treat the brain as the keyboard of a piano, so to speak, and write in a sequence of activity that is needed to understand or correct brain function,’ said Dr Hillel Adesnik, a neurobiologist at UCB, who led the research.


‘After more refinements, this instrument may be able to function as a sort of Rosetta Stone to help us crack the neural code.’

According to Dr Adesnik, the researchers hope their approach will help to better understand how the brain’s cellular machinery works and the ‘language’ being used by the cells to communicate.

He explained: ‘We wanted to develop a technology that can offer a general approach to understand the basic syntax of neural signals, so that we can begin to understand what a given brain circuit is doing and perhaps what’s gone wrong with that in the case of a disease.’

The scientists and researchers from the University of California accomplished the task of granting the elite yet another way of eventually controlling humans through the use of such technology. Mind Control is thought of as a conspiracy, but it is nothing of the sort. Right here, right now; science is bringing about the end times. The New World Order will control all humans that are kept alive through the use of such technology.

The dawn of virtual realities will end reality. It began with smartphones, and progressed to smart contact lenses, and as the world turns toward holographic images and virtual realities, the true evil of their technology unfolds.

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