And So It Begins: #Disruptj20 – Live Feed – Ended


It is here, the day Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States, and with that comes the disruptj20 disturbance.

Thousands of people from across this land are refusing to accept the fact that Trump was selected President, and those individuals are refusing to accept the peaceful transition of power.

Since the founding of our nation, the shift of power has mostly remained quiet, but under the umbrella of disruptj20 people from far and wide are attempting to disrupt that process.

The question is, like the Clinton campaign will the protests amount to anything? There have been calls for violence and terrorism, so much that even CNN was pushing the narrative that the only way to keep Obama’s policies in office is to kill Trump.

Below are various tweets about the ongoings of #disruptj20 and the live streams of the events. Each day of the protest we will author a new post, so one day will house all the day’s updates. In other words, check this post often for updates! Sound off in the comments below!

101/20/2017 – 19:21 EST

A spokesperson for Washington DC’s police has said that 217 people were arrested on Friday in relation to protests around the city. Six officers were hurt with minor injuries, and police used pepper spray and stinging balls on protesters. – The Guardian

201/20/2017 – 14:23 EST

301/20/2017 – 14:08 EST

401/20/2017 – 13:58 EST

501/20/2017 – 13:30 EST

601/20/2017 – 12:25 EST

701/20/2017 – 12:21 EST

801/20/2017 – 12:01 EST

Donald John Trump, Sworn in. Goodbye Obama…

901/20/2017 – 11:57 EST

1001/20/2017 – 11:54 EST

Mike Pence, Sworn in.

1101/20/2017 – 11:48 EST

1201/20/2017 – 11:35 EST

Clashing at Trump Tower.

1301/20/2017 – 11:29 EST

1401/20/2017 – 11:13 EST

Video of Protestors.

1501/20/2017 – 11:00 EST

1601/20/2017 – 10:55 EST

Indiana YMCA Removes CNN from TVs Over Complaints About ‘Fake News’: A YMCA in Indiana has removed CNN from the TVs in its wellness and exercise areas over complaints from members upset by the constant fake news the cable network airs.
The Valparaiso, Indiana, YMCA issued a statement to members that the cable news network was removed from facility TVs because too many members complained about the programing.

Debra Koeppen, the YMCA’s chief development officer, said that “Trying to please everyone” is the “No. 1 problem we have in the wellness area,” according to Chicago Tribune reporter Jerry Davich, who claims to be a member of the YMCA in question.

Earlier this week, Robert Wanek, CEO of the Valparaiso YMCA, sent a message to members saying, “In order to eliminate perceived political bias associated with national news outlets, the Valparaiso Family YMCA will only be showing local news channels in the future.” – Breitbart

1701/20/2017 – 10:50 EST

It’s a melee in the streets of the capital. Many of the protesters are at a full run now. But fewer are on the street, most are on the sidewalk. Police officers on bikes and motorcycles are trying to reclaim the streets. The protesters are reasserting themselves.

“Take a little pepper spray break,” says the journalist with the camera on this live feed. “Cleans out the nostrils.” – The Guardian

1801/20/2017 – 09:30 EST

1901/20/2017 – 09:00 EST

Media warns of inauguration drone bombing, not ‘safe’: The media is raising concerns about a drone bombing at the 58th Presidential Inauguration on Friday.

On Thursday’s “Today” show, a report indicated that U.S. Secret Service has put in place several anti-drone efforts out of concern that an I-inspired “flying IED” will smash into the crowd, or worse. – Read More

2001/20/2017 – 08:40 EST

WASHINGTON — One group organizing multiple protests, a rally and march on Inauguration Day is sharing its plans. Disrupt J20 organizers said Wednesday they expect more than 5,000 demonstrators.

There’s no one plan for the security checkpoint blockades, which will be individually organized under the Disrupt J20 umbrella, said organizer Lilly Daigle. A dozen groups representing different issues, such as Climate Justice, LGBTQ Plus and the Future is Feminist each have a decided upon a checkpoint and will choose a tactic, which Daigle said will range from symbolic to physical. – Read More

2101/20/2017 – 08:30 EST

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