President Trump Live from Nashville, Tennessee

LIVE at 8pm Eastern: Trace Adkins will warm up the crowd before President Trump is set to take the stage at a campaign rally in Nashville, TN. Trump is...

God, prayer, and… the White House?

God, prayer, and… the White House? In stark contrast with the Obama administration, Trump has ushered in an acceptance of evangelical Christianity that facilitates faith and prayer in the...

Talks to Resume? President Trump Changes Tone on North Korean Crisis

On Thursday President Trump detailed that due to the recent rhetoric from North Korea, the United States was going to withdraw from the sit down planned for the June...

‘U.S. Embassy’ Road Signs Go Up in Jerusalem Ahead of Next Week’s Opening

At least three "U.S. Embassy" road signs went up in Jerusalem on Monday ahead of next week's opening of the mission in the city, a Reuters witness said. The signs,...

President Donald Trump Nominated by House Republicans For Nobel Peace Prize

On May 2nd, 2018 President Donald J. Trump of the United States was nominated by Congress for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his work regarding North Korea. House...

South Korean President Says Trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize

South Korean President Moon Jae-in stated, after the successful meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un, that US President Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for...

UPDATE – Kanye Doubles Down: Mob Can’t Make Me Not Love Trump

Hip hop star Kanye West doubled down on his support for US President Donald Trump Wednesday, unleashing a series of tweets declaring he won’t be intimidated into renouncing his...

Judicial Watch: Justice Department Argues Comey’s Leak of ‘Flynn’ Memo to New York Times...

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that the Justice Department is now comparing former FBI Director James Comey to WikiLeaks. After Comey was fired by President Trump on...

Trump Administration to Abolish HHS Rule That Forces Christian Doctors, Hospitals to Conduct Sex...

Under the Obama administration, a regulation was put in place that forced all doctors and hospitals to perform sex-change surgeries. The Trump administration is planning to eliminate the aforementioned...

Meghan McCain Erupts After Audience Cheers Paul Ryan Retirement: ‘You Deserve Trump’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain got visibly upset and raised her voice in anger while debating the retirement of House Speaker Paul Ryan. After the studio audience...

Trump Unveils New National Security Plan, Declares Russia and China Threats to US Hegemony

President Donald Trump on Monday unveiled a new National Security Plan reaffirming that Russia and China are threats to American sovereignty and global hegemony.

Something Huge is Underway: Donald Trump Set to Make Jerusalem Israel’s Capital?

Warnings are intensifying from across the world that President Donald J. Trump’s decision to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital will send shockwaves throughout the Muslim world.

Obama Go Home: Former President Trails Trump Overseas Trip to Asia to Undermine Agenda

The Obama administration ended almost a year ago, yet still, the former president is acting in part as though he’s still running the show, or is he?

President Trump Blames All Sides in Charlottesville – Turning the Tides of Communism’s Subversion...

President Donald Trump correctly not only condemned the white nationalists and Neo-nazis during the Charlottesville event, but he also condemned the ‘alt-left.’ The United States, in recent memory, has...

Military Readiness Will Not Undergo The Drawback of Transgenderism – Trump

Military readiness can not undertake the burden of transgender surgeries, according to Donald Trump in a tweet series early Wednesday morning. After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please...

Nothing Ever Changes: Trump Family Parties With George Soros; Jared, Ivanka, Conway, Dina Powell...

The political climate in Washington always remains the same, the deep state that is, continually holds the seat of power within the United States.

California Becomes First State To Refuse Trump Voter Fraud Probe

California, Virginia and Kentucky on Thursday said they would refuse to comply with a request from President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission to provide personal information about registered voters.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed confrontation with President Donald Trump over the Paris climate agreement when the two meet up at next month’s G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. In a speech to the German parliament Thursday, Merkel said that the European Union would push ahead with tackling the problem of climate change, even without the help of the United States.

Fox News’ s Sean Hannity Claims ‘Soft Coup’ Against Trump Underway By Media, Intelligence...

A number of conservative media outlets have stated the belief that President Donald Trump’s administration is being subverted by the media and/or the intelligence community, reasoning each is bitter about Trump’s victory in November.

Donald Trump Claims Mexico Border Wall Will Have Solar Panels

Donald Trump has suggested that the US border wall with Mexico could "pay for itself" through solar energy.

200 Million Americans At Risk – Massive GOP Data Leak Uncovered, Addresses, Birthdates, Phone...

A massive leak was discovered on GOP servers that exposed data such as home addresses, phone numbers, and birthdates, of over 200 Million Americans to the public.

Hundreds of Christians Arrested in Detroit

Christian activists and families are warning that deporting hundreds of Chaldean Christians who've been arrested by immigration officials in Detroit and across the country could very well be a "death sentence" for them if they are forced to return to Iraq.

Trump: The American People Are Witnessing The Greatest Political Witch Hunt in History

Donald Trump exclaims on Twitter that what the American people are witnessing is the biggest witch hunt in history.

According To Bernie Sanders You Can’t Be A Christian And Work in the Government,...

Bernie Sanders showed his true colors during a Trump nominee's hearing for deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. According to Sanders Christians can't work in government, according to Sanders' actions nominees must pass a 'religious test.'

Democratic Congressman Drafts Articles of Impeachment, FBI Director Comey Statements Released

In the aftermath of the whirlwind, that was the 2016 selections; Democrats have yet to cease calling for impeachment. While the majority of the calls have come from hot air, Texas Democrat Al Green is preparing the papers for impeachment following the release of former FBI Director James Comey’s statements.

Trump to nominate Christopher Wray to be FBI Director

President Trump on Wednesday said he intended to nominate former assistant attorney general Christopher Wray to be the next FBI Director.

Anti-Trump Leaker Caught, Leaked Documents Surface Say Russia Hacked a Voting Supplier Company

A government contractor, Reality Winter, was arrested by the FBI for purportedly leaking highly classified information to The Intercept. The leaked document is a highly classified NSA report detailing how the Russians hacked a voting supplier company in Florida.

Culture Wars: What is Happening To America? Liberal Lunatic Kathy Griffin Goes Too Far

Kathy Griffin in her latest photoshoot beheaded Donald Trump, at what point does this not become a threat to the President?

Trump Heads to Israel; Hopes to Accomplish the Ultimate and Final Peace Deal

As Trump travels through the Middle East, the American president is promoting one thing, and it's Biblical; the peace deal.
israeli soldier

Israel To Deploy 10,000 Police For Trump Visit

Newsweek -- More than 10,000 police officers will be deployed to secure President Donald Trump on his two day trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Trump will arrive at...

Members of Congress Holding Secret Conversations About Ousting Donald Trump

Whether you're for Donald Trump or against him, one thing is obvious - Washington doesn't like him. Since the day Donald Trump was (s)elected, several reports have indicated that various groups and individuals within the Washington establishment have sought his ouster.

Did The President Just Admit to Being Two-Faced? Donald Trump: “I’m a globalist and...

There are high hopes that Donald Trump puts America first, but his latest comments in response to the NAFTA flip-flop may prove otherwise; in fact, it may prove a long-held suspicion about the man that he is two-faced.

Paul Craig Roberts Warns “Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State”

When the gullible and insouciant American public and the presstitutes who participate in the deceptions permitted the Deep State to get away with the fairy tale that a few Saudi Arabians under the direction of Osama bin Laden

Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons

The Trump White House has prepared an executive order to begin the process of reopening foreign CIA “black sites” that were used in the Bush administration to detain suspects in the war on terrorism, it was reported Wednesday.

Globalists Will OWN Your Neighborhood, Welcome to ‘The Smart City’ AKA The Police State

The globalists are coming to our neighborhoods and collectively trying to turn them into "smart cities."

The Hidden Hand Behind Donald Trump Goes Right Back to George Soros

Over the past several days America witnessed a full-on reversal surrounding Donald Trump, and the apparent hidden hand behind it all became clear.

What happened to the Trump that was elected? The People’s President Appears to Have...

Donald Trump blazed the campaign trail like a breath of fresh air, but shortly after the selection something appears to have changed with the people’s president. The political underdog...

Trump to Meet U.S. Business Leaders on Infrastructure, Tax Reform

U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with about 20 chief executives on Tuesday as he works to gain support for a $1 trillion infrastructure program, tax reform and other administration priorities, said White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Supports Roe V. Wade

During his second day of questioning for his Senate confirmation hearing, Trump U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said that he accepts Roe v. Wade as the “law of the land” and its opinion that a “fetus is not a person.”

“Great Humanitarian”: Clintons Mourn David Rockefeller

Social Media was set ablaze Monday morning with articles announcing the death of 101-year-old David Rockefeller. While most in the comment sections were not mourning the loss of the former chief executive of Chase Manhattan bank, political figures from both sides of the aisle felt compelled to publicly express their sympathies for the deceased billionaire.

Trump to drop climate change from environmental reviews: Bloomberg

President Donald Trump is set to sign an order to greatly reduce the role climate change plays in decision making across the U.S. government, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the administration's plan.

Is CNN Backpedalling Claims of Trump and Russian ties? Must See Interview

All of a sudden, the other shoe dropped; the CIA can false flag a cyber attack. Mainstream media has claimed for several months now that Trump is a Russian operative, but rather, it has now come to light that the CIA can covertly hack and lay blame to any foreign institution or state.

Is Obama Going To Jail? Obama Administration Wire Tapped Trump During Elections

Is Obama going to jail? New evidence surfaces that Obama wire tapped Trump during the 2016 Presidential Elections.

HUGE: President Trump – Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To...

Inside President Trump’s otherwise “standard Trump stump speech” at CPAC was nestled what might be a most intriguing observation.

Mexico threatens trade war over Donald Trump’s wall tax

Mexico has threatened to retaliate if US President Donald Trump imposes a border tax to pay for his controversial wall. Mr Trump has used almost every post-election speech to reiterate his promise to build a barrier separating his country from its southern neighbour.

RUMORS OF WAR: US twin sea buildup against China, NKorea, Iran

(Debka) -Donald Trump marked his first month as US President with two major military gambits in the Middle East, Asia and the South China Sea. Early Sunday, Feb. 19,...

Wire: RED ALERT – Gene Editing Green Light, Coulter Refers To Trump As ‘god,’...

A very interesting turn of events is beginning to unfold, Coulter is now referring to Donald Trump as 'Head of Church;' however, there is only one Head of Church, and it's Jesus Christ.

Trump Supports Free Press, But Will Call Out Fake Reports – Pence

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump believes in a free and independent press but he will not hesitate to point out flawed reporting, the U.S Vice President Mike...

US congresswoman advocates impeaching Trump because Putin’s attacking… Korea?

What in the world is going on? Literally a United States sitting congress woman accused Putin of... attacking Korea?