Donald Trump blazed the campaign trail like a breath of fresh air, but shortly after the selection something appears to have changed with the people’s president. The political underdog appears to have either flipped or been flipped.

Donald Trump was and still could be a breath of fresh air to those who are concerned with the fate of America, and the America that we will leave to our children. But, after several days actually in office, something is changing, and it’s not okay.

Donald Trump held stark viewpoints on the economy, Russia, China, Syria, healthcare, tax reform and so on; but now, just after roughly 70 days, the president looks defeated. Something is off with the man, and the new policies that are coming forth are nothing more than a continuation of the Obama era policies.

According to the new Trump, who is liked by mainstream media; NATO is not obsolete, China is not ripping us off, Syria and Russia are the bad guys, EX-IM the U.S. Export-Import Bank is no longer a mechanism of crony capitalism, and so on. Yet, Trump still tweets that his promises to the American people are being kept. However, up to date, that is not true in the least. Several of the big promises to the American people have fallen short such as health care, the border wall, and so on.

What is going on with the Donald?

Before the evident switch, there was severe concern for the President’s safety, the CIA was gunning for him, and so was mainstream media. But recently Trump appears to have flopped and so have the public attacks by the CIA and Mainstream Media.

Interestingly enough, other independent media outlets are noticing the same thing about Trump’s stance, below is a video by Christopher Greene from AMTV Media who claims Trump’s attack on Syria is a part of a much larger global policy shift.

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However, Sean Spicer stated that Trump has not flip-flopped on several key issues and campaign stances, but the evidence is indicating that Trump may very well have flopped on towards the political center rather than the political right.

Asked about the dizzying pace at which Trump recently has been flip-flopping on campaign positions – China no longer is a currency manipulator, NATO no longer is irrelevant, ordering that missile strike in Syria after arguing against military action there – Spicer insisted that it’s the circumstances not Trump, that have changed.

“If you look at what’s happened, those entities, or individuals in some cases, or issues, are evolving towards the President’s position,” he said. He pointed to NATO members having upped their defense spending. When asked to discuss the other flips, Spicer talked NATO some more.

With the federal government funded through April 28, and Trump’s non-flip-flopping on plans to up military spending by $54B and to build that wall on the Mexico border, Spicer got asked how those talks are going. “We’re making significant progress” and “feel good about the momentum,” Spicer answered, adding coyly, “I don’t want to get into who’s going to be naughty or nice.”

Only time will tell exactly where Trump stands; but for one of the largest issues in American history, Trump stayed the course, Trump signed legislation that successfully cuts off federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform abortions.

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