President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Monday unveiled a new National Security Plan reaffirming that Russia and China are threats to American sovereignty and global hegemony.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, America challenged a world that was rife with human rights abuses caused by political ideologies that enacted and enforced internment camps, starvation of their own people, and the belief that the will of the collective overrides the rights of the individual.

The American constitution sets apart our way of life, and affirms the individual of their God-given rights. Many countries across the world prefer efficiency in governance over the rights of their people. Such is greatly evident with modern Chinese communism and was evident with Soviet Communism, the Nazi regime, and several other smaller countries across the globe.

Increasingly evident across the world is the return to ‘old-ways.’ Both China and Russia are emboldening their communist and socialist roots in alarming ways, all-while America is finally appearing to return to republican-democratic roots. China as of late, is alarmingly enforcing communistic rule upon their populace in an effort to strengthen national pride by the means of imprisoning and murdering dissidents and enforcing censorship. Russia is appearing to embolden their roots by constructing statues to the infamous murderer and ruler of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin. In addition, the majority of Russians wish the return of the Soviet Union and the restoration of the socialist system which killed tens of millions.

While the American media belittles the return of American pride, both of the aforementioned countries are restructuring their nation’s persona to represent that of old and they are being welcomed with open arms for doing so.

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Within President Donald Trump’s plan for National Security is the affirmation of the aforementioned; “China and Russia challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity. They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.”

In addition, the memo also states that the countries involved are engaged in subversion of the American way; “Rival actors use propaganda and other means to try to discredit democracy. They advance anti-Western views and spread false information to create divisions among ourselves, our allies, and our partners.”

By the method of subversion, the American way is being eroded through our educational institutions and the media by the advancement of anti-American propaganda and divisionist tactics which was made further evident by the discovery of Russian actors attempting to foment discord by targeting individuals utilizing social media and advertising.

Trump’s national security memo in full can be seen below.

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