[VIDEO] Abortion Clinic Escort Calls For The Vehicular Assault Of Abolitionist

In Clearwater, Florida on South Highland Ave, if you look hard enough you will see a blue building tucked strategically behind a white picket fence, where pre-born babies go to die.

While doing a Google search of the Bread and Roses death house, a message of hope through Jesus Christ is the first thing that is seen.

Bread & Roses Women’s Health Center is only allowed to perform abortions up to 12 weeks, however that has not stopped them in the past from performing abortions past the “legal” gestation age. Reports show that Bread & Roses of Gainesville, FL had a complaint filed against them by the State for performing abortions past the 1st trimester

The baby murdering that takes place inside of that shamefully hidden building is not the only form of evil lingering around on S. Highland Ave. Outside of the clinic the public is able to see, hear and interact with the “clinic escorts” who are nothing short of evil spirit filled agents of Satan. These escorts are often referred to as “Deathscorts” because they are literally escorting pregnant women into the clinic to inflict death upon her child. 

When the Deathscorts gather around the driveway entrance to the clinic, they are met by Abolitionists. Abolitionists are those who seek to abolish human abortion and are actively trying to end the murder of babies, one baby at a time, outside of the clinic doors. 

While a mothers womb is under attack by an abortionist inside, an Abolitionist is under attack by those who enable the abortionist, on the outside.  


The video below was captured today by Stacy McDonald. It shows just a small example of the evil behavior of Deathscorts. The Deathscorts who take pride in the murder of babies inside of the clinic, try to mimic the murder of Abolitionists outside of the clinic. 

WARNING: Video contains strong language.