[Graphic Video] Man Holding Wooden Cross And Bible Gets Savagely Attacked By Police

Jonatan Cantu With Cross and Bible at Haynes Apperson Festival @ Colorado Donkey Watch

Tackled, tased, punched, kneed and tased some more for holding a wooden cross in his right hand and a bible nestled under his left arm. The man was reportedly previously rebuking the devil music being played on the stage.

Jonatan Cantu at Haynes Apperson Festival standing in front of the stage

The disturbing police body cam footage from July 4th, 2019 in Kokomo Indiana, of Jonatan Cantu, an Indiana man- who was holding a wooden cross in a park surfaces on the Colorado Donkey Watch YouTube channel.

Below is an illustrated video which shows a man peacefully holding a wooden cross in front of a stage where music was being played. When the cop arrives on the scene after being contacted by the Howard County Emergency Management Agency you can hear the EMA worker saying “I want psycho with the cross out of the park” in which the officer Drew Wallsmith responds “Okay”.

 Wallsmith then approached Cantu and tells him to leave the park. Cantu said no because he knows his rights. After Cantu refused to comply with Wallsmith’s attempt to violate his first amendment right, it becomes physical. Wallsmith grabs for Cantu’s cross unsuccessfully, at which point the officer tackles Cantu while he is still holding his cross to his chest and crying out to God. Two Howard County EMA’s help the officer restrain Cantu, face down on the ground. Within seconds Cantu receives his first of many blasts from a taser gun. More EMA workers help restrain Cantu who is already on the ground all the while officer Wallsmith continues to pull the trigger on his taser gun, over and over again

                    Body cam footage of Cantu being tased by Wallsmith

 Officer Alex Toth arrives on the scene, who immediately delivers 6 punches to Cantu’s kidney. 5 strong knee thrusts to the kidney area came next, also from Toth, while Wallsmith continues to use the taser. Both officers commanded Cantu to let go of his wooden cross which they kept referring to as a “stick”. At one point in the video, you can see Wallsmith push Toth back in an attempt to stop the abuse of Cantu. Once Cantu was detained they walked him to the cop car and closed him inside, all while Cantu was praying out loud to God. 

Jonathan Cantu was charged with 2 class A misdemeanors, one of criminal trespassing and the other for resisting law enforcement. 

WARNING: Video contains disturbing and graphic footage. It may be difficult to watch.

Video is from Colorado Donkey Watch YouTube channel.