Global Economic Collapse Nears: Eurozone Crashing, Puerto Rico To Default, Venezuela in Chaos

What will get described as the worst economic crash is history draws ever closer. The astounding evidence lies in the midst of several countries who are either in chaos or set to enter into chaos such as the Eurozone, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

The United Kingdoms’ Brexit sparked chaos within the global markets so much that even the tyrannical George Soros is placing bets on the collapse of elitist banks such as Deutsche Bank.

“Tensions among member states have reached breaking point, not only over refugees but also as a result of exceptional strains between creditor and debtor countries within the eurozone.” Mr Soros made around £690million after his infamous bet that sterling was overvalued against the Deutsche Mark, which forced former Prime Minister John Major to pull the pound out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). And now Soros appears to be profiting from the turmoil stemming from Britain’s vote.”

Germany and France have set in place a “back up” plan for when the European Union does crash; and as covered earlier their plan is called the European Superstate. Which creates the theory that the Brexit was a plan to force all countries within the EU to join the new “Nazi-style” superstate.

The economic collapse could evolve from the ashes of a Eurozone disaster that is currently ongoing. George Soros didn’t just make any bet on the crash of the bank; he put up 100 Million Euros. However, Soros was not the only one who placed bets against the bank; so did Marshall Wace, a British hedge fund.

Full steam ahead, it would appear as though the Elite are ready to set their economic plan in motion, as countries around the world are feeling the pain of a dying economy. Such as Puerto Rico, which just announced on June 29th, 2016; that they would default on at least $1 Billion worth of debt. Puerto Rico has an accumulated deficit of $70 Billion.

The case of Puerto Rico is similar to New York City’s and Detroit’s, except they had the tools to restructure their debt, and Puerto Rico does not. Without proper credit, medicines and supplies for public hospitals and air-ambulance service to trauma centers are now in total jeopardy. Further placing a strain on the people of Puerto Rico; it is imaginable that the same events happening in Venezuela will engulf Puerto Rico as well.

On July 1, 2016, Puerto Rico will default on more than $1 billion in general obligation bonds, the island’s senior credits protected by a constitutional lien on revenues. Creditors and bond insurers have initiated multiple lawsuits and last week, hedge funds filed an injunction before the Southern District of New York claiming the “absolute highest priority” over government resources, including those needed for essential public services. That complaint minces no words and states that, in “times of scarcity,” bondholders should be paid before essential services.

No amount of contingency planning can shield us from the fallout of the defaults in the coming days; no amount of contingency planning will replace the necessity of a debt restructuring regime. We have suffered a decade of economic contraction. We are facing a government less capable of providing the services which the public needs.

As governor, I will use my remaining time in office to benefit from the tools provided by PROMESA and develop a fiscal plan that is faithful to the best interests of the people of Puerto Rico.

Venezuela is in a state of Martial law, due to rioting and looting. Thousands of individuals are starving, thousands are sick and need medical attention, but with inflation being 700% it is not likely that anything will change soon for Venezuela. The same scenarios are occurring at other locations all around the globe, and the Elite choose to blame the Brexit as the cause but in reality, the faults lie within organizations such as the IMF and other central banks around the globe.

The USA is not exempt crises will soon also engulf the United States. FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States recently did a computer simulation and calculated that the USA would soon have to deal with a 395% food price spike by the year 2030. However, with the current status of the global economy, it would appear as though the year calculated is incorrect.

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The US National Security industry is planning for unprecedented world food crises lasting as long as a decade according to reports by a government contractor. The Federal Government is in total preparation mode; a recent report indicated that Sixty-Seven non-military federal agencies are stockpiling weapons of war. All while, attempting to revoke citizens rights to bear arms and harassing individuals who are also aware of the coming food crises and trying to penalize them.

It has become long past evident that every economy on the globe is facing a similar economic collapse, crash, or catastrophe. Isn’t it wise that the citizens should prepare? Soros, a notorious bankster and elitist who helped fund the Nazi’s, recently announced his market moves, and they included moving 37% of his stocks into gold. Again, if the elitists are preparing for an economic collapse shouldn’t the citizens?

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