Scientists: Californians need to be so afraid of a huge earthquake that they take action, 134 earthquakes rattle San Andreas Fault


134 tremors have recently rocked the San Andreas fault area, and scientists are warning Californians to be more than just concerned, rather, they say, be terrified.

Fear inherently prompts a fight or flight response in each individual, but when it comes to earthquakes and California; too much fear either prompts preparation or flat-out denial.

According to Seismologist Lucy Jones, who has spent her career trying to understand public attitudes about earthquakes, a devastating earthquake will strike, and there is a lot that the public can do about it.

As of late, California has experienced several bouts of tremors in the region that surrounds the San Andreas fault, which has caused many scientists to urge the public to prepare for the big one.

Of those earthquakes, seventeen were stronger than a 2.5 magnitude and six of them were stronger than a 3.0, with more tremors expected in the coming weeks, experts warn.

This ‘series of quakes’ follows escalated fears raised just a week ago after a previous swarm also struck the region. The previous swarm included ten earthquakes, in addition, one of those was a 4.6-magnitude which could be felt in in San Francisco more than ninety miles away.

Scientists conclude that aftershocks will be felt for the next several weeks, with fears failing to subside as the region continues to prove its volatility and the fact that ‘The Big One’ is well overdue.