Cannibalism on the Rise: Chef Slices People’s Flesh and Feeds it to them while on Facebook Live-Stream


In recent weeks cannibalism has been in the news, which is sort of an odd twist for a civilized society. At first it was Richard Dawkins assuming that absolute morality surrounding cannibalism would disappear if Lab-Made meat were to hit the markets, but now a ‘chef’ is under fire in Latvia for hosting a bizarre live-stream which displays people having their flesh sliced and fed to them.

The ‘performance artist,’ thirty-three year old Arturs Bērziņš’s, held a Facebook live-stream event called Eschatology at posh museum in capital Riga.

The bizarre event unfolded with the performance artist slicing flesh from the backs of two assistants, placing it in a large frying pan and feeding it to them.

The bizarre showing prompted concerned and disgusted viewers to contact local police who are now investigating the incident.

Alarmingly, the local authorities cannot find anything illegal about the practice of cannibalism on public display as this incident was.

In addition to this event, Richard Dawkins recently questioned whether absolute morality in regards to cannibalism would change if human meat were to be Lab-Made.

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