Danger: Earth’s Magnetic Field is Drastically Changing, The Pole Shift Has Begun


New studies show that the magnetic field is drastically changing and it would appear as though the poles are shifting.

The European Space Agency’s constellation of Swarm satellites reveals that changes are happening much faster than previously thought. The changes in the strength of Earth’s magnetic field, since 2013, are being mapped in detail. The analysis, which is not yet complete, shows that the Earth is changing.


“Data from Swarm, combined with observations from the CHAMP and Ørsted satellites, show clearly that the field has weakened by about 3.5% at high latitudes over North America, while it has strengthened about 2% over Asia. The region where the field is at its weakest – the South Atlantic Anomaly – has moved steadily westward and weakened further by about 2%. These changes have occured over the relatively brief period between 1999 and mid-2016.”

As of right now, the changes in the magnetic field are mild, but there are symptoms such as earthquakes, and crazy weather. However, nothing will compare to when the poles really do shift.

The magnetic field, is considered to be produced by what is in the earth, a large ocean of molten rock, swirling liquid iron that makes up our planet’s outer core. The magnetic field is our protective layer against space debris; and when weakened the Earth is far more vulnerable to solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and other space weather.

While the Earth keeps spinning, it is important to note that these changes do effect the Earth, and some of which are excuses used under Climate Change.


So what do you think? Is the Earth about to flip?


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