SLOOH Astronomer Paul Cox: Our Solar System Has Two Suns


Astronomer Paul Cox employed by Slooh, an organization with close ties to NASA, makes an astonishing claim: our solar system contains two suns.

The amount of deception fed to the public by government organizations is utterly astonishing. The reality is that truth is far stranger than science fiction. NASA, the space agency of the United States, is an agency dedicated to cover-ups.

Recently Freedom Fighter Times was sent an email regarding the possibility of two suns, and attached was a forum post as well as an image of an email with some shocking revelations regarding our solar system.

The real question, and mystery is; do we live in a binary solar system? The following image is a supposed email with an astronomer known as Paul Cox, who works with SLOOH, and happens to be a very well-known astronomer. Paul happens to mention during the Mercury transit live broadcast that our solar system contains two suns.

The amount of deception that goes into the workings of covering up the truth about our solar system is flat out astonishing. The reality is even though this is not a 100% confirmation of the possibility of a second sun in our solar system; the truth inches closer and closer.

Just as the truth about planet x came out, so will the truth about the possibility of a second sun. Regardless of how much NASA and other government agencies attempt to hide the truth, eventually it will be beyond their abilities to hide the truth.

Paul comments in his email that he has been told not to comment anymore regarding the matter. However, during his live broadcast, it was surely mentioned that our solar system houses a second sun.

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There is potential for these claims to be true. The truth movement is gaining ground every day, despite the lengths the powers that be go to shut out the truth.

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