Climate change; its all about the money, and its all about control. While the elite garner control of resources you and I will suffer.

I love earth, and I love nature, the birds sing, and the trees sway, it is all so miraculous and beautiful, so peaceful and breath taking, but it was no accident. Earth was divinely created by a loving God, a living God. Just as you and I were created, so God created the Earth. Everything that can happen on the Earth is because of God, even when the seas roar and the Earth shakes. God created the cycles of Earth and the foundations of every living creature.


But why would a loving God create us in His image, and then make us exhale the poison that could destroy our temporary home? Simple answer, He wouldn’t. Instead, God created the Earth that so that every time you breathe you give life back to the Earth, the more people, the more nature, because more CO2.

CO2 is vital to plant life, so you and I are vital to the Earth; as it is stated in Genesis 2:15, God created Adam to tend and keep the Earth:

“Then the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden, that he might [a]dress it, and keep it.”

So why would the same God create us in His image and make us to breathe the poison that could kill the very thing on Earth, He told us to keep? He wouldn’t. Again, CO2 is vital to plant life, the trees breathe it, the plants inhale it, and the air is filled with it.


In the modern world, somehow, someway, humans are now poison to the Earth. Humans are now the ‘cancer’ of the Earth, according to big-wig scientists and the like, we must begin to control population growth. This folly is nothing more than an agenda for depopulation, and money.

Humanity has been fed a line, and if we don’t wake up, people like Al Gore will make billions off of our sufferings. Scientists like Bill Nye, are now pondering if individuals in the developed world should pay a tax or a penalty for having extra kids.

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You know what I can’t stand, when you go to a park and there is trash everywhere, its abhorring to think that people would do such a thing to this beautiful place, the same goes for the smog in the air, the same goes for the pollution in the water, I can’t stand that in some places around the USA there are signs that advise humans not to eat the fish of the water, or to not swim in the water because of poison in the water.

Pollution is a problem; there is no denying this fact! But, we are not the problem. While that sounds contradictory, it’s actually not at all. The same people who are pushing the Climate Change agenda are the same people who polluted those rivers and oceans; they are the same conglomerate companies which seek to earn billions off of ‘natural energy.’ While the remainder of the populace displaces and winds up without work. You see those ‘natural jobs’ are self-sustaining, besides a few maintenance individuals, they don’t require a work force, because they are autonomous, meaning that they are robotic, meaning that they don’t require humans.

One must ponder why the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics is simultaneous to the rise of concern regarding climate change?

With the rise of autonomous robotics, humans are no longer required to operate the machinery that powers our lives, and with that comes a massive, massive concern. If there are no jobs, then how will we eat? How will we live? Its rather simple according to NY Times best seller – Yuval Noah Harari, humans are useless and its time to depopulate.

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So while Al Gore and crew spend close to $15 Trillion over the next several years to build the dystopia mentioned above, the common people will lose their jobs, their houses, their self-worth, and so much more.

What is often left unsaid, is the reality of special interest groups and their influence within the realms of science. Have you ever wondered how ‘scientists’ gain their wages? Some scientists are paid by corporations to ‘make a discovery’ and others are paid to push an agenda, even if that agenda is based on false data or manipulated data. Special interest groups are rife throughout the United Nations and other global groups, one being The Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome has pushed for climate change since the early 1970’s, and they just so happen to be very influential within organizations like the United Nations, because some of them are members of the ‘club.’

Being that the Club of Rome is a special interest group with vast amounts of influence, it is rather unsettling to learn that this group has been caught pushing hoaxes, time and time again. Regardless, of the evidence that led to their true agenda being exposed, as of 2015, the Paris Accord was signed by member states of the United Nations.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, a book was published titled “Limits to Growth,” It was based the consequences of a rapidly growing global population. Most of the scenarios pointed to a major economic crisis happening in the early 1990s, but that’s not what happened.

According to;

“Limits to Growth” was commissioned by The Club of Rome, a thinktank of scientists, economists, businesspeople, international civil servants, and politicians from the five continents. The Club began in an informal way at the behest of Aurelio Peccei, an Italian businessperson based in Rome. In 1965, Peccei gave a speech on the dramatic changes taking place in the world, especially relating to science and technology. The speech attracted considerable attention.

Alexander King, who had not previously known Peccei, received a copy of the speech. King was a British scientist, who had been a scientific adviser to the British Government, and who was then at the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the organization of rich Western countries. King had similar concerns to Peccei about the commonly-held veneration for growth that allowed little thought for any long-term consequences and decided to meet Peccei to see how these ideas could be followed up.

Peccei and King were not confident that either the market or technology could function as a way of solving environmental problems. After calling together groups of economists and scientists to discuss problems facing the world, they asked a group of computer experts at MIT in the US to examine what would happen if people continued to consume such a high amount of resources. This study became the basis of the “Limits to Growth” book.

The study had some obvious limitations, most of which stemmed from the use of computer modeling. This was the first time that computer modeling had been used for such an ambitious exercise. The success of such modeling depends on both the quality of data and the capabilities of the computer. In 1970, methods of data collection were still rudimentary. Many countries, for example, did not know the true size of their populations. There have been many improvements in national data collection but, even today, we are still far from getting all the data we need to produce accurate models. For example, there is debate in many countries on how to work out the exact numbers of unemployed people, with official statistics usually being lower than those of non-governmental organizations that work with unemployed people.

Also, the quality of the model used was limited by the available computer technology and could only use a low number of equations in its construction. Computer modelling has now become more sophisticated with the far greater computer power that is available meaning that models have become more complex. However, computer modelling still leaves a great deal to be desired, as is evident with the failure of government finance departments to predict the size of economic growth in the coming years.

Their computer models were wrong, their science was wrong, and so was their motive. Their agenda for control of both population and resources is a declaration of war against Earth and the people of Earth because as their agenda goes forward, we lose resources to their control, and as Bill Nye, the science guy stated, soon there maybe a “penalty for having children.”

Organizations like the Club of Rome fostered what we call today Climate Change, and a whole host of ‘revolutionaries’ have joined the fight against ‘big conglomerate’ fossil fuel companies when in reality, its the businesses behind Climate Change that also owned and operated the fossil fuel industry.