The Rarities of Nature: Extremely Odd Horseshoe Cloud Caught On Camera Over Battle Mountain

Nature houses many inexplicable events, one of the latest, a horseshoe cloud over Battle Mountain, Nevada. The incredible rarity was posted on Twitter.

Like A Scene From Hell – California Is Burning, Footage

California is no stranger to wildfires but the current wildfires raging across the state are setting records. In addition, hurricane-force winds are creating an unimaginable scenario, firefighters are struggling to put out the blazes.

Communist China to Take Global Lead on “Climate Geoengineering”

For the past several years, independent researchers from across the globe have expressed a growing concern over the enthusiasm displayed by scientists at the possibility of engineering the climate. Geoengineering,...

Hurricane Harvey – “The Most Devastating Flood Event in Houston’s Recorded History”

On more than one occasion a question has been raised, why wasn’t Houston evacuated? Some say Harvey is comparable to Katrina; others say the monstrous hurricane came with flooding on a Biblical scale.

The Uk is Set To Ban All Gasoline Cars By 2040 and Tax Polluting...

In an effort to ‘stop pollution and curb climate change’ the UK is set to ban all new gasoline cars by 2040, and to implement new taxes onto busy roads for owners of the most polluting vehicles.

The Technology That Controls The Weather, Controls The World – Climate Change Leads To...

Man-made Climate Change is the result of propaganda, for one primary purpose to control the weather, and as a result of that, to restructure the international financial system.

Iran Reached 129 Degrees Thursday, One of the Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded

The southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz soared to a brutal 129 degrees Thursday, which is Iran's highest temperature ever recorded.

The Wire: Donald Trump Defies The World – Unhinges America From The Bonds of...

Donald Trump in a defining moment, shocked and defied the World; he pulled America from the Paris Agreement.

Donald Trump To Pull The United States From The Climate Change Agreement

Several news reports have recently circulated that claim Donald Trump plans to leave the Climate Change Paris Agreement. The exit is being treated like the Brexit by the United Nations.
Iceland Farmlands

Ready to eat Bugs? In the name of Climate Change – Scientists Want People...

Imagine for dinner instead of beef it was bugs on that amazing burger of yours. Scientists and even the United Nations are planning this reality for the developed world,...

God Sent A Massive Message During the Texas Tornado Did You See It?

Let us never forget the grace of the Almighty, because of His grace we are still here. Because of His grace during the Texas tornado a small church in Dallas was demolished, totally, but the forty-five parishioners inside, unharmed.

Obama Administration Manipulated Climate Data; Whistleblower – ‘Everyone Has An Agenda,’ Data Was ‘Misleading’

While Obama is busy accepting $400,000 for speeches, it would appear as though people within his administration are also doing a little 'speaking' of their own; former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin claims that the bureaucrats spin scientific data.

Climate Change; It’s All About the Money – Al Gore Wants $15 Trillion to...

Climate change; its all about the money, and its all about control. While the elite garner control of resources you and I will suffer.

Harvard Prepares To Geoengineer The Atmosphere

A team of Harvard researchers is preparing a first-of-its-kind field experiment in the hotly-debated area of solar geoengineering, the controversial idea to combat climate change by pumping aerosols into the sky to reflect the sun's rays back into space.

Scientists Will Now Alter Weather Over Arizona – Chemtrails Added To Cloud Atlas

Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning.

Middle Tennessee struck by multiple Tornadoes

If you live in middle Tennessee your fears may have become a reality as the National Weather Service has just confirmed that multiple tornadoes reportedly struck the region overnight. Two...

California Alert 2: Is the Oroville Dam A False Flag Operation? FEDS Ignored Warnings...

Is the Oroville situation a false flag operation? Federal and State officials were purportedly warned twelve years ago about the massive earthen spillway at Oroville Dam.

Top NOAA Scientist Blows The Lid Off Climate Change, World Leaders Were ‘Duped’ Into...

Global Warming is a farce, a top NOAA Scientist has revealed.

God Sent A Massive Message During The Mississippi Tornado Outbreak, Did You See it?

During the ravaging storms of the south over the weekend something awe-inspiring took place, God sent a message; did you see it?

Must See Interview Bernie Sanders Vs. Trump’s Pick For EPA; Climate Change is A...

According to Bernie Sanders and apparently 97% of scientists, Climate Change is caused directly by Human actions.

Club of Rome Part III: Operation CO2 Population Control

Climate change, global warming, and extreme weather are terms we are hearing more and more often as they are a large part of a bigger plan created by the elitists who rule our world.

Monstrous Ice Shelf in Antarctica Set To ‘Fall Off’ and Create Iceberg The Size...

The Larsen ice shelf has been slowly melting since the 1960's and according to NASA is set to fall off creating an iceberg the size of Delaware.

Mainstream Media Normalizing Geoengineering for Saving the Planet

We’re beyond trying to prove that chemtrails aren’t happening. It is no longer a ‘conspiracy.’

SHOCK CLAIM: Illuminati blasting us with ‘happy drugs and viruses through chemtrails’

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring made the shocking allegation on his website after sharing a video which allegedly shows a UFO analysing the contrails of a passenger jet.

Thundersnow hits Hawaii’s volcanoes

Another round of snow — including reports of thundersnow — blanketed the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii on Sunday and Monday.

Snowplow drivers get stuck in 65 below zero temperatures

(KULR8) -- CODY, Wyo. - A blizzard in the Beartooth Mountains outside Cody trapped snow plow drivers and even the tow truck that came to pull them out. An...

Sahara Desert sees snow for the FIRST time in 37 years

Amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata took incredible pictures of snow covering the sand in the small Saharan desert town of Ain Sefra, Algeria, yesterday afternoon.

U.S average temperature 16°F – colder than any time last winter, and winter hasn’t...

If you think it is colder than you remember last year, your’e right and winter hasn’t officially started yet.

Get Ready For The ‘Deep Freeze’ – Arctic Air set to BLAST The USA...

Piercing cold will send temperatures tumbling to dangerous levels for some across the central and eastern United States this week.

Breaking: Scientists Confirm Earth Racing Towards Sixth Mass Extinction

Nearly half the species on the planet are failing to cope with global warming the world has already experienced, according to an alarming new study that suggests the sixth mass extinction of animal life in the Earth’s history could take place in as little as 50 years.

Record Breaking Temperatures and Snow Blankets America

People across the country and digging into their closets for gloves and scarves ahead of the arrival of the first polar plunge of the season this week.

Hawaii expected to get 3 feet of snow. You read that right.

Hawaii's highest peak could get up to another foot of snow Sunday, on top of the 2 feet that have fallen since Thursday, the National Weather Service says.

Why is The FBI Recruiting Bioengineers, Days After Thunderstorm Asthma Outbreak?

What in the world is taking place in Australia? Freak Thunderstorm Asthma Outbreak places 8500 people in hospital in one week, and leaves so far eight dead, as well as another sixty in critical condition.

Former Senior Manager at BBC – Humans Are A Plague on the Earth That...

According to the globalists and their mouthpieces, humans are a plague on the Earth, and the population must be controlled and culled. All while the next generation educators teach the future generations that having children is a crime, if not a sin against mankind.

Before the Flood: The Alarm is Sounding – Global Depopulation is Next

The agenda behind climate change is not designed to benefit humanity but rather destroy it; in fact, one of the key movements behind the Climate Change agenda is global depopulation, and on November 4th, 2016 that very agenda went into effect.

UPDATED – Prominent Environmentalist: To Fight Climate Change The United Nations Must Use Depopulation

The United Nations now owns the climate, in a rather sweeping move for control of the weather - the UN successfully adopted the Paris Agreement into its agenda. Citing that Climate Change is the most important issue of our time, environmentalists across the globe have offered solutions that range from cutting emissions to depopulation.

Matt Drudge: They are Manipulating the Data Regarding Hurricane Matthew to Push Paris Agreement

Wait a minute, why in the world would the globalists manipulate the data on Hurricane Matthew? According to Matt Drudge, it is to support Hillary Clinton, but it's far worse than that. The globalists are successfully signing the Paris Agreement.

So it Begins: Hurricane Matthew Live Footage

Hurricane Matthew has already killed almost 300 people in Haiti, now it is making landfall in Florida before heading up the coast. However, according to the GFS model - it would appear as though Hurricane Matthew may come back around and hit Florida twice.

Alert – Must See GFS Model: Hurricane Matthew Set To Hit Florida TWICE

A very dangerous situation is developing with Hurricane Matthew, in fact - it's almost Biblical. Source for the above video is a tweet: Oddly enough, it would appear as though Matthew...

By November 2016: The United Nations Will OWN The Globe

More than thirty countries, including the US and China, have sold planet Earth to the Global Elitists. In a sweeping power play, the United Nations will own the climate by the end of November 2016.

Scientists Claim Geoengineering is the Answer to Climate Change; Meanwhile Nanoparticles Already Found in...

The hysteria surrounding Climate Change will now set the stage for a full frontal ‘legal' assault brought on by chemtrails and geoengineering.

What in the World? Crazy “Cloud Dump” Over Ohio – Microburst

Microbursts are not exactly common, but they do happen from time to time. The crazy weather continues, this time it was over Ohio.
tropical storm hermine

Hermine Makes Landfall in Florida: Leaves 100,000 Without Power Now The Tropical Storm is...

Hurricane Hermine slammed into Florida, unleashed 80mph winds, 12ft storm surges and up to 20 inches of rain. Now, the Tropical Storm is heading for Georgia and the Carolinas.

Why Did the Northern Lights Arrive Early This Year? Spectacular Drone Footage Showcases the...

It’s the Northern Lights as you’ve never seen them before: Filmed from a drone traveling across Iceland's stark scenery and clear night skies, Aurora Borealis has the perfect environment...

Walker Mayor To File Lawsuit Against Federal Government Claiming Louisiana Flooding Was Man-Made

The Mayor of Walker, Louisiana is attempting to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government for negligence, citing that the flooding was man-made.

WHAT?! Airlines Now Spray Pesticides On Passengers – Per Governmental Advisement

Have you ever felt sick after flying, only to assume it’s jetlag or a virus you picked up from another passenger? Well, think again! You might have been exposed to an insecticide, pesticides or other toxic chemicals – deliberately used by airline staff.

Man Made Climate Change is a Total Hoax and Ancient History Proves it

Old rocks are the keys to deciphering the truth about man-made climate change, as it turns out climate change can be disproved by history. History, when unadulterated, is the...

Long Long Ago the North Pole Had No Ice in Summer According to Geoscientists

What if someone told you that long ago the North Pole had no ice during the summertime? What would you say to that person? Would you call them crazy...

CHEMTRAILS Confirmed; Local News Station Confirms “Barium” in Chemtrails

The admittance of Chemtrails is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality. ABC news, CBS news, and a handful of other news stations around the US have stated...

Chemtrails Exposed PART 2; CBS* News & CNN State Geoengineering is a Reality, Ongoing...

Originally it was ABC News that stated geoengineering had been ongoing for many years, but now yet another news organization has come to, CBS. If you previously watched the...