Man-made Climate Change is the result of propaganda, for one primary purpose, to control the weather, and as a result of that, to restructure the international financial system.

Imagine if Stalin or Mao had weaponry so powerful that it could alter the weather, anywhere in the world, and to the extent that the only restraint was their lust for power and self-preservation. Sounds pretty daunting right?

Well, if internationalists get their way we could be looking at a similar scenario. Under the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, there are several sections regarding Climate Change, in fact, it is one of their primary goals. The Paris Accord, which Donald Trump pulled the United States from, is a result of the quest for climate control. The Agreement was the first step towards not resolving climate change, but rather changing the international monetary system as a whole.

Here’s the catch, the climate has changed, it has changed both violently and quite often throughout history. However, it is not the result of man-made emissions. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, climate change was already taking place, because again the climate changes, and quite often.

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So if the climate continually has changed over the course of history, then what could the possible motive be to limit emissions, and enact legislation that places restrictions on the USA?

It’s about climate control. Even with the Paris Agreement in place, so many scientists have claimed that the result of the Paris agreement would have little to no effect on bringing down the temperature of the climate. As a result, many are planning a much more vigorous approach, and that is climate engineering or geoengineering.

Stop, before you claim science fiction or conspiracy, you should know that both the US and the Soviet Union were working on plans to control the weather between 1958 and 1962. Starting with the US’s 1958 Argus A-bomb explosions in space and ending with the 1962 Starfish Prime H-bomb test, the militaries of both nations sought to modify the global environment for military purposes.

If you thought that the US ceased its quest to control the weather, you thought wrong. Over the skies of Tucson, Arizona, scientists will spray particles into the stratosphere and observe whether the particles stay aloft and deflect and scatter sunlight. The process may give the scientific team information on whether solar engineering could be a viable option to deter climate change.

On a different note NASA is working on creating artificial clouds, by firing a rocket filled with chemicals such as barium, lithium, and trimethyl aluminum, the organization, hopes to study how particles move in the upper atmosphere.

Drastically changing man’s relationship with nature, and replacing the Hand of God with technology will have dire consequences for the planet. But it takes no theorist to recognize this, several scientific bodies, and other boards and panels are also alarmingly concerned with the idea that a governing system could control the weather.

That’s where this movie, Geostorm, comes in. Geostorm can both act as a warning for what is to come as a result of Climate control, and as predictive programming that technology “may soon” control the weather.

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Are we as a species so naive to believe that a governing system wouldn’t use this against its enemies? Are we so naive to not recognize the reality of geoengineering and the quest for climate control? To learn more about the organization behind this massive quest for control, check out our Club of Rome series, available right here.

What say you, will a governing body OWN the weather?