NBC Promotes Easter as a Holiday to Reclaim the Faith from White Supremacists


This Easter, NBC author Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove published an opinion piece in which he advocated that “On Easter Sunday, Christians must remember how easily and often our faith is used to defend white supremacy.”

“As a white evangelical in this land, I can’t celebrate Easter in 2018 without working to reclaim the concept of redemption from the forces that attempt to use my faith and its founding stories to defend white supremacy” He comments then going on to discuss Trump.

NBC is no stranger to promoting the idea of white privilege and using the pain of our countries past to guilt people generations outside of the events that actually occurred.

In September NBC hosted an article by Jarrett Hill that argued, “Yes, white people your trial subscription to Donald Trump’s America is over and you have to opt-out or start paying for it…Privilege has protected you for a long time. Privilege also empowers you right now.”

Hartgrove must have taken this to heart, so much so that he made Easter, the day we are to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ about the color of your skin.

Commenters expressed their frustration with NBC, saying:

Is there nothing about which I’m not required to feel guilt? Today, in my religion, Jesus Christ rises from the dead and ascends into the Grace of God. @NBCNews, for the love of God, give it a break, please.
— Mrs. Marion Coatsworth-Hay (@SoftWarmKitties) April 1, 2018

I dare you @NBCNews to do something similar with ANY other religion. Oh wait, you wont. You are only comfortable attacking Christians because you know that they would never actually attack back. Any other religion would give death threats if you did similar on their holiday.
— Jake Greenland (@KingJG16) April 1, 2018

Jesus didn’t care about your color of skin, He came here to die for the sins of all mankind. It’s a shame that people have made the holiest day of Christianity about everything but the resurrection.

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