The signs of the times, the words behind the gestures being made tell the story of just how close we are to a Nuclear war with Russia. This report was found on CBS Chicagos website and posted on March 19th 2015. Not only do we have the possibility of a confrontation with Russia this past week, but the Russian companies are preparing their employees for a nuclear war, now America begins its preparations for a nuclear war.

This all comes just days after military officials were fired for not nuking Russia.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Where are you most likely to survive an all-out nuclear attack by the Russians?

Certainly not Chicago, which would be vaporized in either a 2,000 warhead or 500-warhead scenario.

This map was created using data from FEMA and the National Resources Defense Council.

The 2,000-warhead attack assumes a first strike by the Russians. The 500-warhead attack would be a retaliatory strike in the event the United States launched first, thus limiting the Russian arsenal.

Looking at the map, one might have some luck camping at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and then sailing up Lake Michigan to the Upper Peninsula.

Somehow making a journey to Idaho in the post-nuclear apocalypse might be a good option as well.

Good day, and good luck.

via Best Places To Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse? « CBS Chicago.