The ever-increasing reality that the LGBT movement is the tool of an agenda to destroy the family model and create an environment where transhumanists and technologists thrive is not a new idea, rather it was declared in a homosexual manifesto from 1971.

The radical document, which is a declaration of war against the morality of mankind, proclaims the end goal of a genderless dystopia, all made possible by the ever-increasing technological advances of society. Thus, the document brought about in 1971, aligns the ideology and timing of both the sexual devolution we are currently witnessing and the transhumanist movement that is brewing in the shadows of the LGBT movement.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is The Transhumanist Movement

Side by side the agenda of the LGBT has operated in collusion with the technological revolutions. While the mainstream organizers of the LGBT agenda may yet be clueless to the intentions of their leaders, this document lays bare the absolute intentions of the demoralizing agenda, to bring to an end the human and bring about the transhuman. Over and over again, the World Economic Forum has depicted that what comes in the next industrial revolution, will be, instead of mankind creating better tools, man himself will become the tool.

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In addition to the aforementioned, out of the several things mentioned in the above manifesto, one stark point is outlined, the destruction of the patriarchal family. Ever since mankind was created, a profound structure has driven the population growth of this planet, and that is marriage is between one man and one woman. Any deviation from that and what ensues is destruction upon that society. Why? You might ask, because the structure of a family, with the man leading and the woman right beside him, is what God intended when He created Adam and Eve. Eve was taken from Adam’s rib, not from his feet, where she would be below him, and not from his head, where she would be above him, rather from his side, so she is beside him.

When a family deviates from this structure the family model is out of balance, take America for example. America was once a prosperous nation, dominating the world. Now, as society turns on its head, the structure, that balance, that led this nation forth is distraught, and such is evident in our culture and our society.

Even though the destruction of the family model entirely may seem to be a far stretch consider what is taking place in American society today. Divorce rates are up to almost 50%, in addition, this is affecting the next generation which is being raised by a dysfunctional culture, and a brainwashing education system. In accordance with scripture, lawlessness has arrived. For a visual representation of what is taking place in America today, consult the latest video by Jason A, a Christian videographer on YouTube.

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The Fourth

As declared in the document provided above, the LGBT agenda needs technology to aid in the destruction of the sociological structure. The manifesto, written over forty years ago, expressly references the need for artificial wombs, such of which are in headlines today.

The latest publication stemming from the scientific community in regards to artificial wombs was made public in April, and such announced the successful birthing of a baby sheep.

According to the researchers humans could be next while speaking to the Verge, the researchers claim that the Biobag, the artificial womb, will be used specifically for infants that are born months too early, the Biobag could provide a more natural environment for the undeveloped baby to continue development. However, as stated over forty years ago, we know the end goal.

To get past the ethics and moral departments, scientists and researchers will exclaim that the Biobag will aid the children that were born months too soon, and after awhile, suddenly the Biobags can be used during the entirety of the pregnancy.

Scientists and doctors alike will attempt to bring about the use of the artificial wombs because roughly 10% of babies born in the US are born premature, all the while some of those same doctors will turn a blind eye to the 200,000 babies that are murdered each and every year single year in the US.

Bridging the gap entirely between humanity and technology creates an utterly nightmarish scenario. Not only would the culture consist of ‘super-humans,’ designer babies and or genetically modified babies, the inevitable would take place. One class would rule the other, and typically it would be those with the most money, power, and influence that sought the genetically altered alternative to natural childbirth, leading to the enslavement of the uninitiated.

Understanding the entire agenda.

It was never about homosexuals or transgenders, or any of the biologically confused folk, rather combining technology with humanity is the goal. Such is evident by the dominance of tech giants and the social construct of our modern day societies. Thus creating something far more nefarious than previously imagined, and far more deadly than that of communism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The end goal is a technocracy, based on the political model of communism except technologists are the working class, distracted by the illusion of freedom through the computer screen, and technocrats that make up that of the ruling elite.

To obtain said goal, consider how communism is resurfacing in our society today.

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Each manifesto has a similar outcome, destroy the Christendom that has created the moral structure of our society, and replace it with that of lawlessness, and such is directly before those that house the hidden agenda place their cards on the table, and obtain their new global human order.