Nvidia, the well-known graphics conglomerate is stepping into governance. The company is aiming to aid the government through Artificial Intelligence by parsing the video graphics of the day to day in mega cities.

Video surveillance cameras can capture endless droves of data. Up until recently, humans sifted through the files looking for suspicious activity, however, as of late companies like Nvidia are planning on injecting their products into the mix.

Artificial Intelligence is breaching or preparing to invade every aspect of our lives and bodies. In addition, conglomerate corporations are pushing the population into megacities, and out of the suburbs, the combination creates an inevitable outcome, the overpopulated mega city. But, there is a problem, the more people, the more data there is to dig through. NVIDIA plans to solve that problem by providing Deep Learning AI to assist in the process.

The technology company created a new video analytics platform just for you and me, dubbed Metropolis; this platform will use learning AI to analyze the massive amount of data from surveillance video for “public safety, traffic management, and resource optimization.”

In plain English, that eye in the sky just got creepier and way more robotic. Currently, there are hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras, but they are disconnected from each other.

In other words, one shops video surveillance cameras doesn’t feed into the cities cameras, but with NVIDIA’s system, they could. On a larger scale, if NVIDIA received a contract from the federal government for video analytics, all the data produced by each individual city could essentially be ‘monitored’ by a single company. See a problem?

If Dallas and New York City contracted the same company for video surveillance analytics, the company hired would have access to all data captured and could further analyze for things such as thought crimes, behavior analyses, facial recognition and so on. But, please don’t take my word for it – take NVIDIA’s:

[fvplayer src=”https://player.vimeo.com/external/217486313.hd.mp4?s=8f07e1096a42c76054d1984c8190bccac2e30843&profile_id=174″ splash=”https://christianjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/dims.jpeg”]

No, this is not a futuristic plan or plot or company ploy, this is happening right now. The video analytics platform is called Metropolis and NVIDIA has already partnered with over fifty businesses that make security cameras, including Hikvision. “The benefit of GPU deep learning is that data can be analyzed quickly and accurately to drive deeper insights,” said Shiliang Pu, president at the Hikvision Research Institute in China.

Incredibly, NVIDIA is taking 1984 and gift wrapping it to the citizenry. One day the citizens will realize this computing technology was never a gift at all, it was meant for imprisonment and slavery.

Your personal online data is sold to advertisers for Billions per year, now imagine how valuable your personal real-time data is. NVIDIA plans to parse your analytics, your behavior, your trends, your face, your children, all of it and sell it to the highest bidder.

A city with cloud-connected, AI-powered surveillance systems in place could find missing persons, notify residents of nearby emergencies, alert police to crimes in progress or even send out traffic congestion warnings. It could also track and monitor our behavior — both legal and otherwise — along with gathering personal data for advertisers. Tomorrow can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Whether the city of the future keeps us safe, keeps us in line or something in-between will depend on how we implement emerging technology like this now. – More

Where will the cameras be? Warehouses, Retail stores, traffic intersections, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, grocery stores, banks, and several other places. Real-time, AI monitoring every move made by a citizen, the incredible amount of surveillance that is set to take place will not just be in megacities, it will be in every city.