For quite some time the shadow government has prepared a technological revolution that will forever change both humanity and the world. That revolution is happening right now, and it’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through technology, NASA and several other organizations have planned, prepared, and predicted certain events that might take place by the year 2025.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the shift from mankind using tools, to mankind upgrading and becoming the bio-tech tool. For decades, several governmental organizations have known that a change was coming. The shadow government, the technocratic elite, have fomented the rise of self and the demise of culture to flourish the need for technology and dependence on the artificial.

In 2001, then lead scientist of NASA, Dennis M. Bushnell, published what many claim to be a document that foretold how the government will wage war against the citizen. The paper was originally not public, but through the work of several independent researchers, the presentation was made available.

The report, Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025], can be seen below in its entirety.

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The validity of the document has drawn speculation that it may be a hoax, but according to another document, the Future Warfare publication, it is legitimate. The validating document comes from Dartmouth College, Institute for Security Technology, and Society, January 2001, edited by Joseph Rosen, MD. Charles Lucey, MD, JD; located on page 372, is a reference to the Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] publication.

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The reference made from the Emerging Technologies release, adds some weight to the claims made in the mysterious document created by Bushnell.

The 113-page original presentation, put together in 2001, details the future of the world and how technology will take over every aspect of our lives. The publication also foretells how wars will be waged, the phases of technological revolutions and when they will commence. The technology mentioned within this report is being released to and on the public today almost 16 years later.

After quickly glancing at some of the terms mentioned within the future warfare document, one conclusion that can be drawn is that technology is the facilitator of their agenda, thereby the advancement of technology means the progression of the agenda. NASA, according to the documentation provided predicts that by 2020, another phase, Bio/Nanotechnology, of the current technological revolution will commence, and that the final stage of the agenda is the virtual revolution.

As technological and biological lines are continually crossed, the ever increasing prospect that technology is the weapon being used to foment the End Times is becoming increasingly apparent. Christians must draw the line at some point when it comes to using technology.

The effects of bio/nano technologies are no longer futuristic; they are coming about today, here and now. As the NASA document states, what used to take decades to years to come about, is now only taking months to weeks, the exponential timeline. While a lot in the field of Information Technology has changed over the past several decades, the biggest changes have happened within the last few years to months.

Most of the subjects mentioned within this presentation we, at the Christian Journal, have covered heavily over the last several months because the Fourth Industrial Revolution is beginning to take impact in all of our lives.

The Convergence of technology and biology have drifted closer together, only now are we witnessing the exponential growth. According to the presentation, over the course of the next two and a half years mankind will see the induction of biotechnology into our daily lives, and with that, the Mark of the Beast could come about according to Scripture.

The tech giants behind the push for the technological revolution, have released their agenda, and they have released their stance on humanity as a whole. We, the people, are nothing more than useless eaters and that is according to, Mark Zuckerberg bestie, NYTimes best selling author, Yuval Noah Harari.

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The dystopia the technocratic elite are building is an attempt to mock the promises of God mentioned in the Bible, through technological advancement. According to Julian Assange, some of the engineers, especially those in Silicon Valley, behind the progression of this agenda are stuck in a ’Nirvana’:

Speaking about the future of AI, Assange told a panel including Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek that there will be a time when AI will be used to adjust perception.

“Imagine a Daily Mail run by essentially Artificial Intelligence, what does that look like when there’s only the Daily Mail worldwide? That’s what Facebook and Twitter will shift into,” he said.

When asked by M.I.A. if AI and VR technology will make society more vulnerable to becoming apolitical, Assange replied: “Yes, of course we can be influenced, but I don’t see that as the main problem.”

“Human beings have always been influenced by sophisticated systems of production, information and experience, [such as the] BBC for example.”

The technologies “just amplify the power of the ability to project into the mind,” he added.

“The most important development as far as the fate of human beings are concerned is that we are getting close to the threshold where the traditional propaganda function that is employed by BBC, The Daily Mail, and cultures also, can be encapsulated by AI processes,” Assange said.

“When you have AI programs harvesting all the search queries and YouTube videos someone uploads it starts to lay out perceptual influence campaigns, twenty to thirty moves ahead. This starts to become totally beneath the level of human perception.”

Using Google as an example, and comparing the wit involved to a game of chess, he said at this level human beings become powerless as they can’t even see it happening.

Admitting his vision was dystopian, he suggested that he could be wrong.

“Maybe there will be a new band of technologically empowered human beings that can see this [rueful] fate coming towards us, [which] will be able to extract value or diminish it by directly engaging with it – that’s also possible.”

Another insight offered by the WikiLeaks founder was his opinion that engineers involved in AI lack perception about what they’re doing.

“I know from our sources deep inside the Silicon Valley institution[s] that they genuinely believe that they are going to produce AI that’s so powerful, relatively soon, that people will have their brains digitized, uploaded to these AIs and live forever in simulation, therefore have eternal life.”

“It’s like a religion for atheists,” he added. “And given you’re in a simulation, why not program the simulation to have endless drug and sex orgy parties around you.”

Assange said this vision makes them work harder and the dystopian consequences of their work is overshadowed by cultural and industrial bias to not perceiving it.

He concluded that the normal perception someone would have regarding their work has been supplanted with “this ridiculous quasi-religious model that’s it all going to lead to nirvana.” – Source

On slide fourteen is a list of technology that will in part usher in this dystopia and the technological revolution. Mentioned within that is genetic engineering. Genetic Engineering, over the last several months, has taken off like a rocket, what began with the announcement of a technology called CRISPR CAS9, has brought out the discussion of designer babies, artificial wombs and so on. However, the push for such technology, again is not new, upon glancing back to 1971, a homosexual manifesto was published in London, and it detailed how a genderless utopia is the end goal, where technology will replace the need for a mother, and how their revolution will destroy the patriarchal family model.

  • IT
    – Silicon/bio/optical/quantum/nano computing (“no end in sight,” another 106 +)
    – (Virtual reality/holographic) immersive ubiquitous comms., hyperspectral sensors, “virtual presence.”
    – Automatic/Robotic “everything” – Huge cost reductions
  • Bio
    – Lifespan doubling
    – Genetic engineering before birth
    – Plants irrigated by seawater (food, petro-chem feedstock, minerals, terraforming)
  • Nano
    – Carbon nanotubes (600X strength-to-weight of steel)
    – “Assemblers”/“living factories.”
    – Huge cost reductions

The applicable conclusion drawn from the 2001 NASA publication is that over the course of the next several months to years, a lot is going change, and very fast. With the 2001 presentation in mind, it might be time to readily prepare for the coming onslaught of implantable technology, invasive technology, and the ever-changing face of the world through The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As the Technological Revolution unfolds, you can count on The Christian Journal to expose, and reprove the works of darkness in this field, start now, by catching up on our latest reports on the matter.