Communist China Demolishes Well Known Christian Mega Church Despite Lawful Permits


On July 17th, 2018 Communist Authorities demolished a well-known Christian Church. The state-sanctioned Church was built in 2006 and has all the necessary paperwork.

Droves of Authorities affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party arrived at the Liangwang Catholic Church and forcibly removed Pastors from within the church and confiscated cellphones. Then authorities razed the Church in fifteen minutes.

Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, a group that regularly covers Christian Persecution in China, later posted several pictures of the scene on Facebook.

Previously, several other Churches have been demolished by Communist authorities for little to no reason at all. However, the Liangwang Catholic Church was reportedly destroyed because of urban zoning or commercial purposes.

The building itself was located next to an exit on the Xi’an-Hanzhong highway and it is also thought that the government likely destroyed the church to diminish the local Christian presence.

Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “The disproportionate manpower used to demolish this church goes to show that China is fearful of Christians. The government knew that the demolition in the name of urban zoning would be met with resistance, so it ensured success by taking extreme measures. Despite their best efforts to intimidate the Church with actions like this, the government cannot destroy the faith and resilience of Chinese Christians.”

At the end of 2017, it was reported that Communist Authorities were forcing Christians in the Jiangxi province’s Yugan county to replace Christian symbols and images of Jesus Christ with pictures of the Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping.

In addition, in April of 2018 China banned all sales of Bible’s from online retailers, to further control Christianity. Furthermore, two days before the Bibles were banned from online purchase, the Chinese government released a document outlining how it intends to promote “Chinese Christianity” over the next five years.

According to the document, one of the government’s key objectives is to reinterpret and retranslate the Bible in order to enhance “Chinese-style Christianity and theology.”

ChinaAid and other Watchdog groups who are familiar with the matter have reported that the persecution of Christians in China is at its highest level since the Cultural Revolution of Mao.

Pastor Bob Fu, founder and president of ChinaAid, has said that President Xi Jinping will go down in history as “a sort of Chairman Mao, Jr.,” who carried out a “little Cultural Revolution.”