ISIS to Attack the USA within Two Weeks, As The FBI is Stretched Thin This Holiday Season


ISIS, Daesh, ISIL, Islamic state, these are the new names of the ‘boogeyman’; the war is on. According to a double agent who embedded himself inside of Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations, while working for the CIA. The next two weeks will be crucial, because of threats to the homeland. In fact, this man even goes into the possibility that they will strike within this time frame.

Seventy possibilities, according to the DailyMail, over seventy targets have been arrested, with ties to ISIS in the USA. This number is daunting alone. However, what is worse is the attacks that were planned. See video for more information.

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  • Federal and local law enforcement agencies have made dozens of arrests of men and women suspected of ISIS involvement
  • Analysis shows that they include refugees who entered the United States as refugees 
  • Increasing pressure from Republicans not to accept refugees from Syria on scale demanded by White House  
  • Ted Cruz plans to introduce legislation forbidding refugee status to Syrian Muslims and moves also under way to defund settling refugees 


In the wee hours of July 4, FBI counterterrorism agents in the Boston area scrambled to thwart the last of a string of Islamic State terror plots they feared could be conducted during the patriotic holiday or soon after.

Just weeks earlier, an agent and Boston officers had shot and killed an ISIS sympathizer on the same streets, right before he boarded a bus armed with a military-style knife and plans to attack cops and behead a woman.

Now, an undercover operative set up a weapons buy on the streets with a young Massachusetts man, the son of a respected cop but now someone who had been radicalized by the Islamic State. Agents believed he was plotting to shoot or blow up students at an out-of-state campus with bombs laced with Styrofoam, which sticks to skin and worsens the burns.

The buy went down, the young man was arrested and a search of his apartment quickly confirmed agents’ fears.

The harrowing ending to the two Boston cases this summer seemed ripped from a Hollywood movie script — except the threats were real and the consequences of stumbling could have been lethal.

With another round of holidays fast approaching in the shadows of last Friday’s Paris attacks, FBI officials on the front lines of the war on terrorism see a new round of threats rising and worry they don’t have all the tools to cope, according to interviews with The Washington Times.

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