Breaking! US Government to Hit Another Debt ceiling March 16th 2015, Homer Simpson Predicted CERN, and Russia to tour Europe, Russian Style.


The tyranny is a foot, Obamalaw (Martial Law) will be implemented before or during the early hours of the 3rd world war. Obama has yet again proven he is a dictator in his latest power grab. However, not only is he hell bent on becoming the first great dictator of America (puppet). He is just as hell bent on destroying this nation once and for all. The audacity of a US president to think they are above any other proves the fault in man, and proves the fault in the current state of our republic.

In 2011, the Obama administration was caught red handed for stating that “they are just going to kill the dollar”. This occurrence was a standing point in American history, yet no one saw it as such. The standoff between congress and Obama almost proved to be lethal. Yet again in 2013 another standoff occurred. This time, the standoff succeeded in closing parts of the government, and lasted for 16 days. Now yet again, there is a debt limit coming around the corner on March 16th 2015. The US treasury will have to begin to use extraordinary measures to continually fund the government. According to CNBC below, the government will fully exhaust itself around October 1st 2015. This date coincides with the “global climate chaos day” which is set for September 24th 2015. Strange timing for the US to be running out of cash right before a major eclipse ritual. Below there is more information on the debt ceiling in the CNBC article but first the Video Report by FreedomFighter2127 on YouTube. Here we go again with another debt ceiling March 16th 2015.

“Unless Congress takes action, the U.S. will hit its debt limit on Mar. 16, but would begin taking “extraordinary measures” to finance the government on a temporary basis, according to the U.S. Treasury. In a Friday morning letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other House and Senate leaders, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that his office will be forced to suspend the issuance of State and Local Government Series securities on Mar. 13 unless the debt limit is raised. “Accordingly, I respectfully ask Congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible,” Lew wrote in his letter. The Treasury secretary emphasized that “increasing the debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments,” but rather “simply allows the government to pay for expenditures Congress has already approved.” Congress passed the Temporary Debt Limit Extension Act in February 2014, which suspended the statutory debt limit through Mar. 15 of this year. The U.S. legislature is expected to face another contentious debate over raising the U.S. legal borrowing authority. If it stretches to the final deadline, the timing would coincide with the debate over government agency funding for the new fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1. The Congressional Budget Office said this week that if Congress does not raise the federal debt limit, the Treasury Department will exhaust all of its borrowing capacity and run out of cash in October or November, slightly later than a previous forecast. In 2011, a debt limit standoff in Congress brought the United States close to an unprecedented debt default before it was resolved with a budget deal that put in place automatic spending constraints that last through 2021. ” –MORE

March has so far been jam packed full of events.