Don’t Miss This! America Has Breached The Point Of No Return, #ammoban #blacksite #chicago #vaccine


Exactly when is the point of no return? When are the American people going to realize that the land of the free is no longer free? The time has come for America to rise from her slumber, yet she is nowhere to be found. The point of no return is when law abiding citizens become the targets of an illegitimate government. The point of no return is when an elected official has more power than the people who elected him. The point of no return is when legally an elected body no longer cares about the people they serve. The point of no return was when “elected” officials, stopped being elected and being put in place by the “puppet masters”. The elite of America, and the world have slowly brought this nation to its knees and no one, no one saw to the full extent of what was coming. Yet, here we are as a country on the brink of a very violent civil war, endless unrest, and global war. America’s slumber will cost her greatly, but even worse it will cost its people even more, their lives.

The last true free country in the world, is no longer. The people of Chicago had no clue that right in their back yard, sat a warehouse filled with individuals being tortured in cages, which was their “interrogation” process. While the busy-bee, workers, where preoccupied with their businesses, and trying to live. The people who stood on the front-lines of the actual war, where being whisked away into this Chicago “blacksite”. This site is known as the American “Gitmo”. The people of this country have to ask the question how is this legal? How did America get to this point? It can be summed up with four letters NDAA. The National Defense Authorization Act, which allows Americans, US citizens, to be detained without due process or locked up for the rest of their lives without a glimpse of a court, judge, or even their families again. The NDAA was a solid step in their agenda to break the bond of every American that is freedom. Do Americans even know what freedom is anymore? Or do the people just sit and stare at a box that spits out lies, lust, murder, and horrific humor? The truth is that those same ideas, and items which were designed to grant information freely, and vastly are controlling Americans. Brainwashing people into believing that they are free and that they have rights. However, the truth is that no one is free anymore. That point was breached when catching rainwater became illegal… or maybe it was when hunting and fishing for food became illegal… or maybe it was when having wealth went from becoming a luxury to being a necessity to live. The reality of when America was really lost, will never be known. The American black site is not the only one in the US, it is one of many. The exact locations of those warehouses, gated facilities, and DHS infrastructures will never be known. They are not America’s dirty secrets, they are America’s worst nightmare that quickly is becoming a reality. Many people thought that the information slipped out about its existence, yet no one stopped and thought that maybe they are seeing how the populace will accept these facilities. When the news broke about Chicago the sudden realization of, oh my, those places exist, only hit a very small percentage of Americans, in fact it is quite obvious that not many actually paid attention. The aspect of fear grips people, the fear of being in a place like that can cause individuals to suddenly be quiet. Yet, instead life the next day resumed as normal. In one ear and out the other. That is when the powers that be know they have Americans on their knees and that the point of resistance in general people is virtually non-existent.

The American people are blind. Blind to the repetitive proof that having faith in government is wrong. Recently, two petitions have been posted on the White House website. One was for stopping mandatory vaccinations, and the other was for stopping an ammo ban of the popular, non-armor piercing, round m855. The lies that have come out about how vaccines are good for people has been proven time and time again to be absolutely false. The other fact is that the m855, a 223 round is not an armor piercing. Both of these “small-little-details” have once again been left out. The push to stop the vaccine agenda has been met with a halt when the White House stopped recognizing the signatures. The amount of Americans who are against this is over 100,000 yet as of February 4th 2015 the White House was caught freezing signatures.

Simply put, the chance of stopping an ammo ban using the already questionable system of petitions, which has also in the past not been taken seriously, proves that no matter how hard the people try using the legal system it will always amount to no prevail. The dictator puppet currently playing the role of president has shown his “authority” through threatening any means of justice in this country. His vetoes prove that as of this day and age, he is no longer a president but a dictator. Seeking his legacy as America’s first and only dictator. Trust in the system has dwindled over the past few years, but there is still hope in a murderous tyrannical system which proves yet again, America has breached a point of no return.

The ultimatum we face, as America has breached the point of no return.

America the choice is yours, stand up and fight for your God given freedoms and rights, or accept what is coming about in this country. It’s a really simple question, but the answer, well that’s the hard part.