Iran Declared “Iran Today Has Become An empire As It Was Throughout History And Its Capital Now Is Baghdad In Iraq” – Walid Shoebat


You heard it right, Tehran is declaring that Baghdad in Iraq is its capital, not Tehran.

Alarm bells went off today (Sunday) causing several Middle East newspapers (see Alarabiya) to report the declaration made by Ali Younesi, the senior advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani when he said that:

“Iran today has become an empire as it was throughout history and its capital now is Baghdad in Iraq, which is the center of our civilization and our culture and identity today as it was in the past”.

Iran Declared

The news agency “ISNA” reported his remarks stated at the forum titled The Iranian Identity held in Tehran today Sunday, that “Iran and Iraq are geographically indivisible and the culture cannot be dismantled, so you either have to fight together or unite”, in reference to the intense Iranian military presence in Iraq recently.

Younesi who served as the intelligence minister in the reformist government of President Mohammad Khatami denounced all who opposed the Iranian influence in the Middle East:

“We will defend all the peoples of the region, because we consider them as part of Iran. We will fight Islamic extremism, Takfiris,  atheists, neo-Ottomans, Wahhabists, the West and Zionism.”

He stressed the Iranian continuation of Tehran’s support for the loyal Iraqi government, and implicitly attacked Turkey, saying:

“our competitors, the historical heirs of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Ottomans  resent our support for Iraq”.

Younesi was expressing the dismay of Turkey in regards to the Iranian expansion.

Younesi in his speech stated that his country intends to establish an “Iranian Federation” in the region, saying:

“by Iranian Federation, we do not mean a union to remove borders but that all nations neighboring the Iranian plateau should be close to each other, because the security and interests related to each other.”

He added:

“I do not mean that we want to conquer the world all over again, but that we must regain our historical position to globally think and act Iranian”

The Iranian president’s advisor’s comments came two days after the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal’s comments during a press conference with his US counterpart, John Kerry, during which he stressed that “Iran controls Iraq”, citing the example of the Tikrit Operation carried out by Iraqi forces, together with the Shiite militia and Iranian troops preceded Qassem Soleimani.

Observers say that Iraq is today occupied by Iran, and its military presence in Tikrit, limited only, as reports indicated that Iranian troops reached the Iraqi province of Diyala, northeast of Baghdad, under the guise to fight ISIS.

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, has described the recent Iranian military intervention in Iraq as “the most obvious in Iraq since 2004″.

These latest events present a major prophetic fulfillment. In 2013, way before the recent events, wrote:

“The biblical prophecies are accurate but misunderstood. Daniel 7 and 8 are not about ancient historic events dealing with the Babylonian Empire exclusively but there are parallels: Lion standing on feet, bear rising on one side, leopard coming up in the end. Iraq (The Babylonian Empire) was the major power in the Middle East when Saddam was in charge; its wings were clipped, then plucked before being humbled by the U.S. Iran rose (bear on one side without Media-Kurdistan) and today we have the Shia-Crescent – the Persian Bear – rising. This term “Shia-Crescent” was coined by Abdullah II, king of Jordan, after which it became popular in political debates. References to the Shia Crescent are often made with the belief that the common religion gives good potential for cooperation. The countries included in this are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Azerbaijan. Now we have Turkey coming out exactly where Greece used to be. Ever wonder why Zechariah 9 (Ionia/Greece) is one of the four Grecian kingdoms? But perhaps the Ottoman was intended as well, which was broken into 4 and out of one of them will arise the last one. Mehmed II made Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) the new capital of the Ottoman Empire, and he assumed the title of Kayser-i Rûm (Caesar Romanus = Roman Emperor). Mehmed II wanted to gain control over the Western capital, Rome, and Ottoman forces occupied parts of the Italian peninsula. After Mehmed II’s death on 3 May 1481, the campaign in Italy was cancelled and Ottoman forces retreated. Today, the contest between Iran (the bear) and Turkey (the Leopard) will see Turkey emerge victorious. As a result, Iraq will continue to weaken after being gobbled up by Iran following America’s exit. By this, Turkey will control the Suez and the Bosporus while Iran controls the Hormuz. This will undermine the U.S. naval hegemony in the region, which eventually will use its military armada alongside other allied European nations to fight in the Middle East.”

Persia is declaring an empire while Saudi Arabia is rummaging to find a solution and sees the writing on the wall. The dual fulfillment of “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN ()” is on the horizon and the end of Mecca is nearing.


And while it is explained to mean that God had “numbered” the kingdom of Babylon and brought it to an end; that the king had been weighed and found wanting; and that his kingdom was divided and given to the Medes and Persians (Dan. v. 1-28), we need not forget the duality of fulfillment here. This also applies to the end time Mystery Babylon which is not in Iraq, New York or Rome (see full detailed explanation here) but Arabia. Within few years, Mecca and its 7 massive structures, the largest building structure on earth, called “The Towers Of The House” that overlooks the Ka’ba, Islam’s holiest place will meet its doom in accordance to

There is no place on earth today where stands the largest structure in the world, used for a religious purpose, all worshipping in one tongue, regardless of their mother tongue, and is holy to more than 1.5 billion people on earth that is literally called Mount Babel todayexcept the one in Mecca overlooking the Ka’ba.

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