The Rarities of Nature: Extremely Odd Horseshoe Cloud Caught On Camera Over Battle Mountain

Nature houses many inexplicable events, one of the latest, a horseshoe cloud over Battle Mountain, Nevada. The incredible rarity was posted on Twitter.

The oddity was posted to Twitter by Chrisy Grimes and shared by NWS Elko. The explanation, according to NWS Elko in response to Twitter user Stephanie Abrams as to how this cloud forms;

“Hi Stephanie here’s the explanation on how these clouds are formed. As the updraft pushes flattish cumulus clouds up & a horizontal vortex develops from differential updraft speeds… As the vortex climbs, it’s caught in the faster horizontal winds aloft, and the middle part of the vortex catches the faster speeds with the ends being slower.”


Very interesting to say the least, what say you?